After maintaining a blog platform and content since 2002, I decided it might be time to start over.


Much of the old content had simply become outdated, irrelevant, or overly-cluttered. Like junk that had collected in the attic and garage, it was time to get a dumpster and clean house.

Also, maintaining a WordPress instance on a sub-par web hosting service was getting to be a waste of time. After the latest mysterious crash of my site at the hands of my web hosting service, I decided it was time to press the button.

What now?

The initial thought was to import all my old content from WordPress to the Blogger platform. However, after about 7 careful minutes of thought, I decided it would be better to simply start over. So, here we are. :)

Maybe I'll write more. 


  1. Hi,

    in the Boilerplate CSS File - they mention your Site because of "black prints faster"... Whats about that? Did u test it?

  2. When that citation was generated, years ago, printer color PPM vs B&W PPM was commonly listed on printer product materials.


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