Hi. I’m Joseph R. Lewis, and I’m a web developer, UI designer, and author. Click here to begin browsing my portfolio.

I specialize in web strategy, collaboration, and mobile technologies.

I’ve written a few books!

I also speak at conferences. Here’s a sample of some past events (presentations and full listing coming soon):

  • “Refactoring for Mobile” OSCON, 8/2011
  • “Refactoring for Mobile” Open Web Camp III, 7/2011
  • “Refactoring for Mobile” iPhone DevCon, Boston, MA, 4/2011
  • “Refactoring for Mobile” AnDevCon, San Mateo, CA, 2/2011
  • “Introduction to HTML5 and CSS3” and “Refactoring for Mobile”, InterLab Conference, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, 11/2010
  • “Refactoring for Mobile”, Open Web Camp II, Stanford University, 6/2010
  • “Mobile Technologies in Science and Enterprise”, NLIT Conference, Brookhaven National Laboratory, New York, 5/2010
  • “Refactoring for Mobile”, InterLab Conference, Brookhaven National Laboratory, New York, 10/2009
  • “Wake up and smell the Semantic Web”, InterLab Conference, Livermore, California, 10/2008
  • “Beyond HTML: Styling XML with CSS and XSLT”, InterLab Conference, Los Alamos, New Mexico, 10/2007
  • “Standards-based CSS Strategies”, Los Alamos Web Developer Conference, Los Alamos, New Mexico, 4/2007
  • “Semantic Markup and Search Engine Optimization”, InterLab Conference, Batavia, Illinois, 10/2006
  • “Web Page Design—Aesthetics Meets Web Engineering”, Sixth International Conference on Web Engineering, Stanford University, 2006
  • “Designing with CSS”, InterLab Conference, Richland, Washington, 12/2005