About this weblog

So, like this is pretty cool. I created this weblog in just a few hours using the new Macromedia Dreamweaver MX. What a great piece of software!

What you will find here is entries from myself, Yingwen if I can talk her in to it, and maybe some blogs from my son Max who is just 15 months as of this writing!

Well, onward. Let’s see what happens here…

Update May 9, 2010: As the 8 year anniversary of this blog approaches, I am reminded by this post that my original blog was a hand-rolled PHP/MySQL app. Migrating that schema over to the WordPress framework back in the day wasn’t terribly difficult – just a little SQL mapping, a few regular expressions here and there, and it was done.

Yet more Windows security patches

MS score card: four patches, 20 vulns, heaps of trouble

Spring is a time for growth. And Microsoft has taken this maxim to heart by releasing an unprecedented number of security fixes on the same day. Yesterday it released four security patches to protect Windows users against 20 security vulnerabilities. Eight vulns are critical.

And looking at the details of the reports, some of those vulnerabilities are indeed quite serious – lots of remote code execution opportunities. SmokeUpdate ’em if you got ’em…