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Eight years

As of today, I’ve been blogging at SanBeiJi.com for eight years. Happy birthday, blog!

The original blog was a hand-rolled PHP/MySQL app, before Michael insisted that I upgrade to WordPress. It was actually a fun little SQL mapping exercise to get my old posts integrated into WordPress’ format, and I’m amazed it worked as well as it did, all things considered.

If you’re wondering what San Bei Ji means, there’s a fine article about it on Wikipedia.


Updated and Upgraded

Migrated to WordPress 2.5 this evening, which was a nice and painless upgrade. In the process I discovered an old and useless plugin that had been left turned on, and disabling that pig made my whole site so much faster – it was killing me to find the reason why this thing was so pokey before and I can’t believe I didn’t see it before.

The new admin interface designed by Happy Cog is instantly tons more usable. Everything else seems to work fine, including the iPhone happiness.

Hosting nightmares

I had to change web hosts. The old one was down way too often. Unfortunately, this one seems to be not without their own set of issues. Still trying to find out why Unicode characters didn’t import right into the database and why .htaccess configurations continue to fail. Hmmm…

Oh and for some reason the old theme doesn’t like the new server. It was time to go anyway. Thanks for all the fish! I’ll figure something out as we go along.

Clobber and rewrite

It’s time to redesign. I’ll use my traditional method of blowing everything away and starting from scratch.

Also upgraded to WordPress 2.3 today. Noticed some of my categories are missing. This is a first for me – usually the upgrades go pretty well.

I wonder what design I’ll come up with…

I also need to find a new web host.

So pardon the dust. This is a work in progress.