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Get out and vote this Tuesday!

Found this at Rebecca MacKinnon’s site:


Very inspiring, and I agree with Rebecca, Jimmy Carter, and many others that said that Obama will have a healing and inspiring effect that no other candidate could possibly come close to.

The Obama vote is now neck and neck with Clinton. Go vote. Then go celebrate Mardi Gras. But don’t forget to vote first.

Rite of Spring

This video is a fine reenactment of one of the greatest moments in music history. When the Rite of Spring premiered in Paris in 1913, the audience argued, fought, and eventually broke out into a riot. I cannot think of a more wonderful thing to happen at a premiere – it would be the clearest indicator possible that you have created your masterpiece, that you have changed the world forever:

The BBC seems to have done a wonderful job of recreating the original choreography. I saw Joffrey do the original Nijinsky choreography back in 1990, and this was pretty close to what I remembered seeing back then.