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Tramontozzi’s Bass Recital

Went to Steve Tramontozzi’s recital earlier today at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, where he performed several solo bass pieces as well as two transcriptions of pieces for cello and accompaniment. Steve’s performance was quite excellent and I was left inspired to go home and practice my ass off. Steve is a bassist’s bassist – has a particularly good ear and sense for musicality when playing these pieces which really brings ’em alive, and he supports that with phenomenal bowing technique and position playing. Great to hear this set of repertoire, as I’d never heard any of these pieces played on a double bass. Works included:

Kadenza – Teppo Hauta-Aho
Psy – Luciano Berio
Motivy – Emil Tabakov
Sinfonia for Violoncello and Continuo – Pergolesi
Élégie – Gabriel Fauré
Ballade for Unaccompanied Contrabass – Behzad Ranjbaran
Sonata in A Op.17 – Beethoven

I was particularly interested in the Pergolesi piece, because it is what Stravinsky used for Pulcinella. The pieces by Tabakov and Ranjbaran are certainly ones that I’m going to see about working up one of these days – those two pieces have a flavor that remind me of gypsy fiddle music. Best of all, it was great to see a freakin’ bass recital after I don’t know how many years. I used to go to these sorts of things all the freakin’ time when I lived back in Boston. I have missed it.