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Countdown to Bass Positive

I drove up to the bass shop and had a look at the almost completed work being done on my bass. The neck looks rock solid and it is great to have it at the proper width. The new fingerboard is nice and long, and I think I can screech out a high C. Alex (the luthier) fixed my bridge, bringing the spacing of the strings in a bit to the proper width for a good classical setup, and he sanded it and rounded the edges to make it look nice. He repaired the notch that was taken out of my scroll where the C extension used to be, and it just looks so much better than before. There is a new nut in place. The chunks of wood missing from the edges of the purfling have been repaired. Now all that needs doing are a few cosmetic touch-ups on the body, an application of oil and some finishing touches to the fingerboard, and I will pick it up on Thursday.