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Now finally, something to report of deep significance. Huge.

I think I’ve found the first instance of a podcast dedicated exclusively to double bassists: The BassCast, all the way from Tenerife!

I must say, one of the finest podcasts I’ve subscribed to. Well, I only heard the most recent episode, but I’m giving it excellent marks. I hope he can continue this level of quality in the future productions. Love it! So great to listen to double bass content in the podcast format! I look forward to hearing many more episodes…

I stumbled across this when doing a search for symphony orchestra podcasts. Which I might add are suprisingly light. Yakima is doing one. The New York Philharmonic is doing RealAudio broadcasts which is super great and all, but a subscribable podcast that would automatically find it’s way to my iPod would be preferred. That would rock, right? Get live radio-style broadcasts of your favorite orchestra via podcasting. I’m sure it’s time will come. I loved the format of the NY Phil broadcasts – just iPod the bugger please.

But anyway, how cool – we have a bassist podcast!! This kind of thing makes me smile. ­čÖé