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Quoted in Bay Area Living

Yingwen has a quote in Bay Area Living, which may or may not publish in the Oakland Tribune this weekend:

Yingwen Lewis, a piano teacher in the Danville and San Ramon areas, agrees.

“I think that when you have taken piano lessons your whole childhood,from Living 1

it leaves a lasting impression on you,” Lewis says. “Playing piano again can bring back many deep feelings, in the same way that a familiar place, a food or an activity can give you a feeling of nostalgia.”

Supply and Demand

Yingwen put out an ad yesterday to advertise piano lessons. In one day, her schedule is almost full. Amazing! She’s on the phone as I write this, setting up schedule details. The phone has been ringing off the hook.

Since suddenly we are getting very busy trying to keep track of appointments and taking care of the kids, we set up iCal to subscribe automatically to each others’ calendars. Pretty damn easy to set up, and effective. We can see each others’ schedules updated every hour on our iCal clients or over the web.

Learn to Play Piano!

This is actually an older design but resurrected and updated with new copy and it’s own permanent domain: www.yingwenlewis.com. This is Yingwen’s site for her piano teaching activities. It includes a short bio, contact info, and a bookstore that orders direct through Barnes and Noble. Future plans include a student/teacher application that will allow her to input data about student progress and allow students and parents to log in and see information. It will be very cool.

For now, this is pretty much a static site with a cool design. It’s much more freeform than my corporate sites and I like the opportunity to do something that is more creative and artistic.