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Dreamweaver MX MySQL connectivity on a Windows LAN

So there I was, driving myself nuts trying to figure out how to get my Dreamweaver MX on Mac OS X installation to connect to my IntranetΩs MySQL server via Mac OS XΩs built-in Samba client. I had tried everything substitute IP address for server name, local vs DNS names, variations on spelling and capitalization in my freakinΩ password, etc. Still nothing, and I was going insane.

There is a known problem with Dremweaver MX and PHP 4.1.0 due to a bug in mysql_pconnect(), but that wasn’t it since we were on PHP 4.0.4 old, but it should work nonetheless.

No, the problem is Samba itself, or at least the way Dreamweaver tries to use it. Switching to FTP connectivity to my Remote and Testing servers and substituting IP addresses instead of machine names solved my problem.

So if you’re having trouble with Dreamweaver MX for Mac OS X on a Windows LAN when trying to connect to your development server via Mac OS XΩs built in Samba client and nothing is happening, see if you can get to it via FTP.

Macromedia posted my tech tip!

Macromedia published one of my tech tip submissions. Pretty cool – I even vaguely remember writing this a few months back. I threw something out there in hopes of winning their iMac giveaway, but it looks like I didn’t walk away with first prize… 😉

Anyway, this tool tip talks about how to get PHP and MySQL up and running on Mac OS X as quickly as possible so that you can start building database-driven websites easily using Dreamweaver MX. Check it out! Also available is my more detailed tutorial on enabling PHP on Mac OS X.