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This is the second time I’ve seen a live California Condor. The first time I barely remember – I was maybe 7 or 8 years old, and I had a fuzzy photo from the San Diego Zoo that I took myself. There were several in this part of the San Diego Wild Animal Park, and this one was posin’ for the camera:

California Condor

These are amazing animals. Same level of awe as when I was a kid…

Tsankawi Sky

Tsankawi Sky

The clouds were swirling and lightning danced beneath the darkest swells. Thunder would rumble through the canyons before the wind. The speed at which the sky was changing, the landscape, the ancient runes; everything felt surreal, like I was about to get sucked into a Dali painting.

Cielo y Terra

One minute it would be dark and cloudy, and then I’d walk around the corner and the sun would bear down on me like a blanket. The temperature rose and fell within minutes. Crows, lizards, and beetles all kept about their busy lives, while the winds howled and the ruins of those that lived there before remained motionless.

Cowboy Up

This is me around 1979 (or so it says on the box I found ’em in), riding my horse named Prince:

Joe on horseback

I am going through a huge collection of old slides and negatives and trying to restore, catalog, and archive them. Some of them are quite old, and some are in pretty bad shape. I am using an Epson 4870 Photo scanner and making frequent use of it’s ability to handle large format negatives. Some of these old negatives are hand cut at up to 5″ x 7″, and the scanner handles these nicely. I’ve been doing what I can to quickly clean them up in Photoshop and some of them are coming out quite nicely.