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La Creation du Monde

Started rehearsals last night for the next chamber orchestra concert, featuring the work “La Creation Du Monde” by Darius Milhaud. Let me just say – I love sight-reading unexpected bass solos in tenor clef – not! Seriously, what a great piece of chamber music repertoire. Such a sexy blend of French impressionist harmonies mixed in with jazz and the avant garde.

I wondered to myself how it was possible that after two conservatory degrees and years of playing, how it was possible I had never heard this piece. Best of all, it has an astoundingly well-written bass part. There’s just not enough good chamber music that includes the bass out there in my opinion, so every time I find a new one of these gems I get happy. There’s a hot solo for the bass at the exposition of the fugue, cool jazzy stuff that doesn’t let a bunch of classical musicians sound awkward, some funky sounding mish-mash throughout. One of my new favorites…