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Finale Finally

After a long wait, MakeMusic Inc. is finally getting ready to ship Finale for Mac OS X. I only wish it were sooner. This program is my personal favorite for music scoring and orchestration.

When I was working as an orchestra manager and in the computer lab at NEC, I was working intensely with Finale every day – pumping out scores, transposing parts, and troubleshooting it’s installation across the 30 or so Macs in that lab and scattered throughout the school. I know it back and forth. I find it’s user interface a bit more intuitive than Sibelius, and have found a lot of bugs and UI oddities with Sibelius that have prevented me from embracing the program even though it has been Mac OS X native for some time now. I know some people like Sibelius and prefer it over Finale, just not me personally.

I cannot wait to get my hands on this software. I really enjoy computer-based music composition, and I have missed this somewhat since switching to Mac OS X. I avoid my OS 9 installation because it is so slow and buggy, and Finale acts weird in Classic mode. I’ve just been neglecting it altogether, which is sad because I have a lot of music to write. I am just no good with the old pencil and paper approach. My scores look like what would happen if you dipped a chicken in ink and let it jump all over the staff paper. Unreadable. And it is just so much easier to organize motives and harmonies and transposition under Finale than it is by hand. Really, the computer has become such a crutch for me for music writing.