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As I was in the process of installing a new 100 GB hard drive into my old PowerBook G4, I had a little boo boo. At one point you’re supposed to go in like the old board game Operation and disconnect two wires plugged in to the motherboard by these flimsy little sockets. Well it turns out the one that goes to the power button was fused closed and not going to come apart, so in jiggling with the damn thing I pulled it’s soldering off the motherboard. Crap! I am going to be down a few days it seems.

At least there’s plenty of backup technology lying around this house to tide me over. I installed PHP on an old 266 MHz Tangerine iMac, which seems to work just fine. No Dreamweaver running on that bad boy though… I think that’d bring that poor machine to it’s knees…

Gig Land: Web Designer for Zone Labs

Zone Labs in San Francisco needs a web design contractor and quick! Interested folks can send their resumes to khalperin AT zonelabs.com.

Position Title:  Web Design Contractor

General position responsibilities:

The Web Design contractor is responsible for supporting all production efforts for Zone Labs online campaigns.

Proactively manage and produce all of E-commerce-oriented, technology partner and SMB initiatives including web promotion activity such as email campaigns, landing pages, ad banners, etc.

Required skill set and experience:
  • High-level proficiency with HTML, CSS, and Javascript
  • Demonstrated expert understanding and implementation with popular email clients
  • Detailed understanding of cross-browser compatibility and proven experience creating highly-compatible web deliverables
  • Hands-on experience with Dreamweaver HTML editor/design tools a must
  • Excellent sense of web design to ensure optimal response from online campaigns
  • Detailed-oriented with ability to track, organize and prioritize multiple, simultaneous projects and request
Desired skill set:
  • Demonstrated ability to positively affect visitor/user behavior
  • Demonstrated ability to engage in cross-department planning and the ability to manage your own work schedules and commitments
  • B2C and B2B background desired

BS/BA degree required or equivalent industry experience, with a minimum of 3-5 years of web design/ production experience.

Send your resume to khalperin AT zonelabs.com.

Adobe Dreamweaver

Wake up and smell the merger:

Let me see if I can say it out loud. Ahem: “Adobe Dreamweaver.”

Woah. That was weird…

I have mixed feelings about this one. On the one hand, I have a fear that the loss of competition will not bode well for the consumer, and products that are great like Fireworks are at risk. But on the other hand, it would be nice to see some of the killer features on either side get integrated into each others’ product lines. Like the return of draggable palettes to the Macromedia line, or better vector support in Photoshop/ImageReady. Adobe GoLive is dead as a product, but maybe some of it’s good points might make their way into Dreamweaver someday. I wonder about Freehand it’s got some good points but on the whole doesn’t compare to Illustrator. Maybe multi-page documents in Illustrator finally?

My biggest fear is Fireworks. Fireworks is such a good program for web image editing. ImageReady was created by Adobe to compete with FireWorks, but it doesn’t really. I have ImageReady installed, but do I ever use it? No. When I look at user workflow, Fireworks makes much more sense. If I were Adobe, I’d focus Photoshop on what it does best, which is photo manipulation, kill ImageReady, and bake what few decent features it has into Fireworks and make that the integrated companion web graphics editor. Or just leave the products separate and let the market decide…

SVG has an interesting situation now that Adobe will own Flash. There’s a lot of speculation that Adobe will just give up on SVG and force Flash on the world, not that it isn’t already ubiquitous. If bandwidth and bloat weren’t and issue, I’d say just go ahead and bake SVG support into the Flash player and let standards take a great leap forward. But for the obvious monopolistic and technical reasons, this is somewhat unlikely.

Ultimately, the combined company will be a very strong one. That much I am certain of. The company is going to completely own every segment of the publishing software market from web to print. All I hope is that Dreamweaver continues to kick ass as a web development tool and to continue to improve over time, and the rest of it can sort itself out…

Perl Before Swine

Has that title been overdone yet? Oh well…

Here’s my Perl entry for today.

I run in to a ton of Perl code on some of my legacy server projects. A ton. And interestingly enough, two of my three favorite text editors don’t get it. BBEdit gets it of course. SubEthaEdit gets .pl and .pm files, but .cgi is oddly left out. Dreamweaver just shrugs.

To add Perl to Dreamweaver, get the Perl Support extension. Then (assuming you’re on v7.0.1 a.k.a. MX 2004) open ~/Library/Application Support/Macromedia/Dreamweaver MX 2004/Configuration/DocumentTypes/PerlDocumentTypes.xml and add cgi there in the winfileextension and macfileextension values. Quit and restart Dreamweaver and you’re set with .cgi editing in Dreamweaver along with .pl and .pm.

For SubEthaEdit, go to /Applications/SubEthaEdit.app/Contents/Resources/Modes/Perl.mode/Contents/ and edit info.plist to add cgi as an extension as shown here in context:


And poof, .cgi files are colored purty.

Show File Paths in Dreamweaver

One thing that has always bugged me about Dreamweaver is that when I have a document open I can’t really tell which directory it’s from if it’s coming from a deeply nested folder in the site structure and I’ve opened it by means other than by using the Files panel (i.e. via search results). All Dreamweaver shows you is the file name and the folder it is sitting in. Not helpful if the directory you want to work with is /includes/languages/english/modules/shipping/ and you have a half dozen parallel documents open from /french/, /german/, /spanish/, /italian/, /portuguese/ and /japanese/.

There is a solution: Danilo Celic has a great extension that solves this problem elegantly, called CMX Document Path Toolbar. Very slick! It installs a toolbar that contains a selectable field with the document path, a button to select the file in the Files panel, and preferences for the width of the field and how you want the path displayed.