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Boston Requiem

Over on @necmusic‘s Twitter feed I discovered there was a recording of the Verdi Requiem that I performed on from way back in 1992. I remember this performance well. I remember the rehearsals, the chorus, wanting to play the bass drum on the Kyrie – just once.

In agreement with the Conservatory’s tweet, I feel this music is apropos of yesterday’s tragic Patriot Day bombing:

What just happened in Boston is heartbreaking to me. Boston is like a second home. I walked down Boylston Street almost every day, right past where it happened. I lived just a few blocks from there, and remember just about every building and landmark I see in those horrific pictures coming across the news. I miss that place and wish I could be there during this time.

To me this piece is not just a requiem, but evocative of a particular place in time. A nostalgia. And yet today, it is ever so more a requiem mass. I hear this today in sadness. My thoughts are in Boston.