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Askimet trap

I finally set up Askimet for my blog. Found a couple of comments in the trap that were sitting there among dozens of robot-generated spam comments, so they are out there now. Sorry for the delay…

I thought nobody read this blog. Apparently there are two of you! πŸ˜€

Hummel Bloggers

Here’s an interesting set of blog posts from hella frisch, blogic, and AC/DC, all on their recent performance of the Hummel Quintet for violin, viola, cello, double bass, and piano.

Blogic notes that Johann Hummel’s middle name was “Nepomuk”, and his post is even titled “Nepo-who?!?” There are actually two Nepomuks worth noting in history. One is of course our hero of the hour, the composer Hummel, who gave us bassists one more worthy piece of chamber music. The other was St. John Nepomuk, a martyr and the patron saint of Bohemia.

Nepomuk is certainly a Bohemian style of name, and interestingly many of the prominent small chamber works that include the double bass have such a slant, including works like the Dvorak Quintet Op.77, or the last movement of Schubert’s Trout Quintet. Indeed just about any chamber work that includes a double bass is not naturally going to lend itself to the refined raised-pinky orchestration. The addition of a double bass gives the chamber work an instant sense of mystery, gypsy, deviance, cojones. I just wish there were more.

About this weblog

So, like this is pretty cool. I created this weblog in just a few hours using the new Macromedia Dreamweaver MX. What a great piece of software!

What you will find here is entries from myself, Yingwen if I can talk her in to it, and maybe some blogs from my son Max who is just 15 months as of this writing!

Well, onward. Let’s see what happens here…

Update May 9, 2010: As the 8 year anniversary of this blog approaches, I am reminded by this post that my original blog was a hand-rolled PHP/MySQL app. Migrating that schema over to the WordPress framework back in the day wasn’t terribly difficult – just a little SQL mapping, a few regular expressions here and there, and it was done.