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Accessing the Gluten Free Bay Area Google Map on iPhone

This post is specifically for the gluten-free community in the San Francisco Bay Area in the short term, and I expect this will become a more global effort soon.

Our goal for today is: Access the Gluten Free Bay Area Google Map on iPhone. This can now be accomplished easily using the iPhone Google Earth app.

Why is this cool you ask? Because dining out on a gluten-free diet can be a complicated and depressing experience. Most restaurants don’t get it. The few that do are often hard to find. Many of us in the Bay Area celiac community have lessened this pain by contributing to this map, pinpointing which businesses cater to gluten-free needs (i.e. might have a gluten free menu or a savvy chef or wait staff.) This has turned into a very useful database over the months and years.

But on those times when you need it most, like when you’re on the road, you might not have access to a computer to be able to look up a place for lunch. Now with Google Earth on your iPhone and in your pocket, looking up gluten-free restaurants is more convenient than ever.

Here’s how to get started:

Step 1: Add the Gluten Free Bay Area Google Map to your saved maps by navigating to it (a shortened URL for those that need it: http://is.gd/4YuBP ) and clicking on the link indicated:

Click the link "Save to my maps" circled in red

Step 2: Go to the App Store on your iPhone and install the Google Earth app.

Step 3: Launch Google Earth on your iPhone and tap the info icon in the lower right corner:

Tap the info icon on the lower right corner.
Tap the info icon on the lower right corner.

Step 4: Sign in and then tap on My Maps. Tap on Gluten Free Bay Area in the resulting screen. Now when you use Google Earth on iPhone, all the gluten free locations will show up on your map!

Gluten Free Bay Area map detail.
Gluten Free Bay Area map detail.

How cool is that?

Pennini’s Gluten-Free Pizza

Gluten-free pizza. ‘Nuff said.

Gluten-free pizza at Pennini's

OK I’ll say some more. Pennini’s began serving a gluten-free pizza option yesterday. My pizza orders this evening were numbers three and four. The reason I give five stars is this: The guys have nailed it with regards to serving up a gluten-free pizza in a laid back and casual atmosphere.

I ordered two pizzas just for the heck of it, and stuck to the basics: Pepperoni. My two boys and I (they are 4 and 7) dusted everything. Gone. Zip. Destroyed. Game over man! One, two, three, up with the skirt, and it’s gone! I am the only celiac in the family, but the boys could have cared less. They ate more pizza than you could shake a stick at.

The things were delicious. Real pizza on a thin crust, nice and traditional-like. But the best part was that the guy that cooked it, Greg (I asked if I could print his name here), came out and described in detail the steps he took to ensure that this pizza was indeed as free as possible of any potential gluten contamination.

Since I like to work as a human guinea pig, I can attest to the quality of their process. It is several hours later, and I am happily here sitting on my recumbent bike machine at home doing at least an hour’s penance for the debauchery that just ensued – grease, cheese, oil, and processed meats are the stuff of pizza made the way god intended. If there were even a tiny bit of contamination with wheat, I’d be sick by now. But I’m great!

In summary: Great gluten-free pizza, totally laid-back atmosphere, awesome friendly staff, family loved everything else they tried on the menu, and I’m stuffed.

See you guys again real soon.


It is a pretty planet on which I live:


Grabbed this shot up on Mt. Diablo today. The wildflowers were off the hook. Really gorgeous out there lately. The poppies were predominant, dotted with other spots of purple, white, and yellow blossoms here and there. The flowers ran rampant down the hillside:


And then in this perfectly bucolic scene, we have the 3 year old, making faces:

My crazy son, with poppies.


Sigh… πŸ˜‰


Zadin is a cute little Vietnamese restaurant in San Francisco, and dining at here has been my favorite gluten-free dining experience to date. Almost everything on the menu is either gluten-free or can be modified, and they state so clearly on the menu. GF Redbridge beer is on the list too, so obviously these guys have gone way out of their way to accommodate celiacs.

We started with the greens salad and the salt/pepper calamari. The greens salad had these roasted walnuts which were sweet and crunchy – very tasty. The calamari was awesome, with a lemon-y dipping sauce.

Next we ordered some pho. The pho wasn’t bad – quite tasty in fact. Only complaint was the beef slices were not all that plentiful.

We finished off with the shaken beef – this was an outsanding dish with very tender beef slices paired with fried yams. Crazy good stuff.

When we got there around 7 PM on a Saturday evening, I was surprised to find it nearly empty. But the place filled up in no time and the clientelle seemed to be enjoying themselves muchly.