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The Wikipedia entry on Republicanism in the United States states:

Republicanism is the political value system that dominates American political thought since the American Revolution. It stresses liberty and rights as central values, makes the people as a whole sovereign, rejects aristocracy and inherited political power, expects citizens to be independent and calls on them to perform civic duties, and is strongly opposed to corruption.

How is it that the Republican party has drifted so far away from this ideal? What has happened to our liberty, our individual rights, and why does the Republican party continue to attempt to roll back these basic tenets of American democracy time and time again (for example, the general Republican campaign against the ACLU, which is an organization created to protect our civil liberties)? Where is the rejection of aristocracy and inhereted political power?

I think that if any of these values were true today, then I should by all rights be a Republican. Let me know if they are ever able to find their way back.


Today I had my toothpaste confiscated from the airline security people as I went through. They said my toothpaste tube was too big. I pointed out that it was 90% empty, and only a few CCs of product remained in this flattened tube, but they were convinced that this dangerous piece of contraband was too risky.

We live in a very strange world where toothpaste and shampoo are not allowed on airplanes. I already had to take off my jacket, my coat, my belt, and my damn shoes. Now they deny me the ability to conduct basic personal hygiene. Flying is now an exercise in abject humiliation. Being rushed through the line while you fumble for your flight pass and try to get your laptop computer out while throngs of stressed out and impatient travelers and DHS employees watch you practically strip to your underwear. Imagine how much money is spent on placebo airport security. In some sense here, the terrorists have won, because I’m sure they are laughing their asses off at us every time we disrobe at the airport.

Aceptamos Pesos

A pizza chain has started accepting pesos. Some less than intelligent folks spooked by a raging case of xenophobia felt the need to issue hate mail and death threats to the chain because of their intent to try to increase revenue.

First of all, pesos are foreign currency, no? This means more money flowing in to the United States. OK it’s not a whole lot, but what crazy national policy discourages the spending of foreign dollars on American product? OK, OK, of course there’s that whole trivially-circumvented export control issue for crypto, but there are plenty of reasons for keeping them furinurs from blocking us from reading their email.

Next, I noticed on a business trip to Vancouver BC that there were plenty of businesses that took greenbacks. Pretty convenient, eh? Shove off ya knob.

Most tourist places in Honolulu took Japanese en to cater to the major influx of tourists from the country that bombed the holy bejeezus out of that same city’s harbor. Wah? Wah.

I heard Saddam had a nice billfold of good ol’ American Dollars on him when they found him all scruffy and stuffed in a hole in the desert. Apparently he had more faith in his enemy’s economic system that the Euro. Our cash is good overseas just fine when you’re life’s in danger.

Then there’s all those money exchange places all over American airports. I hear they take just about anybody’s currency. It’s just so… un-American

Anyway, the point of all this is: What’s the point about griping about someone who is actually doing you a favor?