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I found that something had buggered up my commenting system after I upgraded this blog to WordPress 2.0. Comments are now working again. Comments are still screwed up. Working on it… OK it’s fixed now. Argh!

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Twenty Years

I just got an email from a close friend from high school reminding us that for the class of 1986, this June is it’s twenty year reunion.

Holy shit.

Now despite the fact that this is not the high school I actually graduated from, I still somehow have this incredible urge to flee towards the nearest cavern and hide myself from this ominous milestone date. Twenty years. It sounds like a long time, doesn’t it?

I brought up 1986 in Wikipedia just to see where we were at back then. What a time:

  • Space Shuttle Challenger blew up right after launch. I was watching it on TV when it happened. This affected me later on more than I realized at the moment it happened. I wound up doing a lot of research on the topic later in my undergrad studies as well as later on in professional life as to the causes of the disaster.
  • Comet Halley paid us a visit, which was kind of a dud event for me as an amateur astronomy enthusiast.
  • Chernobyl blew up, causing the worst nuclear accident in history. Kind of nerve-wracking.
  • Iran-Contra. Yay! What kills me is that Ollie North is still out there making an ass of himself.
  • Great artist Georgia O’Keeffe, famed jazz great Benny Goodman, and master cellist Pierre Fournier passed away
  • Peter Gabriel released So and Bruce Hornsby grabs a No.1 hit with The Way it Is.
  • And I somehow squeaked through high school.

I don’t think it was until the following year that I began relearning the double bass, the instrument I began learning at nine and what I was eventually to major in through my bachelors and masters degrees, the thing that fed me for through college and my early professional career. It is wild, now after so much has transpired, to think that in 1986 I wasn’t even playing the double bass. (I was, however, playing jazz guitar obsessively for hours on end back then.)

If any of my former classmates should read this, cheers!