Telegraph op-ed on Taiwan

Good one:

Telegraph | Opinion | Stand by Taiwan

Such crassness is to be expected from a government that, without consulting the people of Taiwan, first advances the absurd proposition that the island is part of China and then threatens to use force if it formalises its de facto independence. It is scandalous that most of the world accepts Beijing’s fiction.

However, the recent declaration by America and Japan that the security of Taiwan is a common strategic objective sends a salutary warning to Mr Hu that any attempt to invade the island would have wide repercussions.

Chinese aggression towards Mr Chen is a prime source of instability in East Asia. Containing it should be the subject of much greater international concern.

I watched Lien Chan’s speech on TV just now. My god that guy is selling out Taiwan over there — blatantly referring to the DPP as an illegitimate government, and he claimed that reunification with China was the will of all Taiwanese, which we all know is pure fiction. Right there in front of all those people at Beijing University, Chan did serious damage to Taiwan’s democracy. The audience ate it up though.

How many times must the cannonballs fly…

As a Bob Dylan fan, I found this news particularly cool:

Bob Dylan to visit Taiwan

Rock singer-turned-anti-war icon Bob Dylan is to visit Taiwan in July. According to our understanding, the singer���s agent has agreed to have him participate as a part of Taipei County���s annual Ho-Hai-Yan Rock Festival, in response to an invitation from President Chen Shui-bian. It will cost the presidential office nearly eight million NT dollars to bring Dylan to Taiwan.

���How many times must the canon balls fly, before they’re forever banned? The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind,��� said President Chen as he read lyrics from Bob Dylan���s Blowing in the Wind to express his emotions in reaction to China���s enactment of its anti-secession law.

Oh man that would be a beyond-fun concert to go to…

Speaking of Bob, I love this early demo version of Went to See the Gypsy from the iTunes store. The simple electric piano accompaniment is sublime.

Adobe Dreamweaver

Wake up and smell the merger:

Let me see if I can say it out loud. Ahem: “Adobe Dreamweaver.”

Woah. That was weird…

I have mixed feelings about this one. On the one hand, I have a fear that the loss of competition will not bode well for the consumer, and products that are great like Fireworks are at risk. But on the other hand, it would be nice to see some of the killer features on either side get integrated into each others’ product lines. Like the return of draggable palettes to the Macromedia line, or better vector support in Photoshop/ImageReady. Adobe GoLive is dead as a product, but maybe some of it’s good points might make their way into Dreamweaver someday. I wonder about Freehand it’s got some good points but on the whole doesn’t compare to Illustrator. Maybe multi-page documents in Illustrator finally?

My biggest fear is Fireworks. Fireworks is such a good program for web image editing. ImageReady was created by Adobe to compete with FireWorks, but it doesn’t really. I have ImageReady installed, but do I ever use it? No. When I look at user workflow, Fireworks makes much more sense. If I were Adobe, I’d focus Photoshop on what it does best, which is photo manipulation, kill ImageReady, and bake what few decent features it has into Fireworks and make that the integrated companion web graphics editor. Or just leave the products separate and let the market decide…

SVG has an interesting situation now that Adobe will own Flash. There’s a lot of speculation that Adobe will just give up on SVG and force Flash on the world, not that it isn’t already ubiquitous. If bandwidth and bloat weren’t and issue, I’d say just go ahead and bake SVG support into the Flash player and let standards take a great leap forward. But for the obvious monopolistic and technical reasons, this is somewhat unlikely.

Ultimately, the combined company will be a very strong one. That much I am certain of. The company is going to completely own every segment of the publishing software market from web to print. All I hope is that Dreamweaver continues to kick ass as a web development tool and to continue to improve over time, and the rest of it can sort itself out…

France and the PRC

Why does France hate Taiwan?

BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Paris urges end to China arms ban

French prime minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin has said Paris will continue to push for the lifting of the European Union’s arms embargo on China.

Mr Raffarin was speaking at the start of a three-day visit to China.

He also said France had no objection to China’s anti-secession law, authorising the use of force against Taiwan should it move to declare independence.

WTF??? It’s as if they just said: “Here have a whole bunch of weapons and go blow up Taiwan why don’t you?”

I just lost a whole lotta respect for France. I was all behind them when it came to standing up for international justice in relation to the whole Iraq fiasco, but this is just awful. Are they in it for the money? Or do they just hate Taiwan?