Satie Night

In honor of Freedom Fries, Cabarnet Sauvignon, and ennui, we have embarked upon an Erik Satie kick this evening. Got me some Gymnopédies recorded by Pascal Rogé from the iTunes Music Store, and Yingwen found some copies of the sheet music for Gymnopédies and Gnossienne. This music is so Tropic of Cancer.

All my life I had been looking forward to something happening, some extrinsic event that would alter my life, and now suddenly, inspired by the abusive hopelessness of everything, I felt relieved.

—Henry Miller, Tropic of Cancer

Avoid This Mistake

InfoWorld: The top 20 IT mistakes to avoid: November 19, 2004

I will just quote No.11 here.

Despite the fact that mission-critical applications continue their march onto the Web browser and that Windows continues to dominate the corporate desktop, Web developers should avoid the temptation to develop applications only for bug-ridden IE. IT shops that insist on using IE for Web applications should be prepared to deal with malicious code attacks such as JS.Scob.

First discovered in June 2004, JS.Scob was distributed via compromised IIS Web servers. The code itself quietly redirects customers of compromised sites to sites controlled by a Russian hacking group. There, unwitting IE users download a Trojan horse program that captures keystrokes and personal data. Although this might not sound like a threat to corporate IT, keep in mind that employees often use the same passwords across corporate and personal assets.

Many enterprises may not be able to avoid using IE. But if you make sure your key Web applications donΩt depend on IE-only functionality, youΩll have an easier time switching to an alternative, such as Mozilla Firefox, if ongoing IE security holes become too burdensome and risky for your IT environment.

Via the Web Standards Project