Bush Foreign Policy Extends to Web

Netcraft: Bush Campaign Web Site Rejects Non-US Visitors

Strange decision for a campaign that is struggling to maintain a semblance of having a strong foreign policy in the final stretch of the election.

The official campaign web site for U.S. President George W. Bush appears to be rejecting visitors from most points outside the United States, while allowing access from U.S. locations.

Netcraft monitors web site response times from seven locations, including four within the United States and three in other countries. Since Monday morning, requests to GeorgeWBush.com from stations in London, Amsterdam and Sydney, Australia have failed, while the four U.S. monitoring stations show no performance problems. Web users in Canada report they are able to visit the site.

Is the Bush campaign in such dire straits that they feel the need to conserve cash by cutting off the non-voting audience? (Nevermind alienating all the voting expats out there, but hey – they’ve probably already sent in their absentee ballots by now…) Or, much like the rest of their foreign policy, do they just not care about international opinion? Or perhaps with the recent cascade of newspaper endorsements for Kerry, they realize that the Bush campaign is doomed and they’re cutting their losses and sticking the money in their personal trust funds? I don’t know, but this seems to me to be a huge public relations miscalculation for such a close election.

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Blogging via GPRS Bluetooth

Well this is neato.

I have established a net connection for my PowerBook using the GPRS internet connection on my new Sony Ericsson T637 phone and a Bluetooth link, and here’s a blog entry to prove it.

I used the instructions here, and found the login needed for a Cingular account here. My service provider requires a user ID and password in addition to the GPRS CID String, but that was it.

Light Bulb Joke

The Peking Duck: gwb: not the brightest bulb on the tree

A funny light bulb joke from John Cleese, via the Peking Duck:

How many Bush administration officials does it take to change a light bulb?

None. There’s nothing wrong with that light bulb. There is no need to change anything. We made the right decision and nothing has happened to change our minds. People who criticize this light bulb now, just because it doesn’t work anymore, supported us when we first screwed it in, and when these flip-floppers insist on saying that it is burned out, they are merely giving aid and encouragement to the Forces of Darkness.

Funny, except for the fact that it’s true.


I met with a good friend of mine who is relocating himself and his wife out to the East Coast this afternoon. As I walked in the door, he handed to me what looked like an ugly cello case. “Here’s a little present” he said. It was, of all things, a guitarrón – the bass instrument for mariachi bands. I was cracking up – partly out of the sheer randomness of the object, and partly because it was a really nice gift! He poured me a glass of JD to soften the blow. I now owned a guitarrón! I guess I need to go buy a sombrero now.

This thing needs new strings, but is otherwise in great condition. I think the tuning is ADGCEA. That’ll be fun to figure out…

Update: There is a reason behind all this. A directive, if you will. I was serious about the sombrero thing. This is a torch that is being passed to me. There is a mariachi band, in need of a jackass Guitarrónista. I am not telling anyone where this is going down though. But if you happen to be there, you will know… πŸ˜‰