Video Voter Information Guide

Before you vote, you should really go watch a few of these videos: Never Forget: Internets Vets for Truth. After watching Kerry’s testimony on Vietnam, I am more convinced now than ever that he is the better choice. The difference in character between the two candidates at this age is striking – a young and decorated soldier returning from war to bravely speak out against it and to support his fellow soldiers that fought it, while Bush was boozing it up and using family ties to hang out stateside and shirk duties. And if nothing else, watch the Tim Ryan “Excuse Me” piece.

New Site: TruVideo

Another site by the Lewis/Smiddy web production team: TruVideo

We like the look of this site design — did this one on very short notice. (Sounding familiar?) This company has very cool-looking technology: streaming quality video to your mobile device.

Halloween Concerts!

I am playing with the Contra Costa Chamber Orchestra this weekend. Saturday night is at Los Medanos College (8pm), and Sunday night is the main event (Halloween) at the Regional Center for the Arts in Walnut Creek (7:30pm). Wear a costume. The orchestra will dress up – which is going to be totally cool. We discussed in the bass section about dressing up as hooded monks, the members of Kiss, or the usual horror masks with blood and splatter. This is a kid event, so bring the rambunctious heathens. There will be a magician. Total buffoonery. We are playing a bunch of appropriate Halloween music: Moussorgsky’s Night on Bald Mountain, Grieg’s Peer Gynt, Bacchanale by Saint-Saëns, and other cool stuff. Should be fun!

Lunar Eclipse

I took four pictures of tonight’s total lunar eclipse, which I think will go down as the worst example of astrophotography ever. Here is a much better photo from the SFGate. I first saw it driving to orchestra rehearsal and the conductor gave us a break in the middle of rehearsal to go out and look at it when it was total. So cool.

OK so we have a total lunar eclipse and the Red Sox have won the World Series. I can actually hear the tear ripping through the fabric of the universe right now…