Revisiting Fireworks

A while back, after the first dot upgrade to Macromedia Fireworks MX 2004, I had given up on the program due to abysmal performance issues between it and Dreamweaver, and had switched to using Photoshop for most of my web graphics. A colleague pointed out that there was a Fireworks 7.0.2 update available. That certainly did the trick for me – much faster now. Since I usually am on top of such things, I was somewhat embarrassed that I had missed this update and that it held the fixes for the site-specific performance issues I had been experiencing.

I had really missed using this program – it is uniquely tailored to editing web graphics, whereas in Photoshop web editing is not really the primary focus or intent of the program. Native Fireworks PNGs keep vector-based editing available, and it has font previews in the font selector menu. It’s integration with Dreamweaver had made site management and design much more efficient for me in the past, and I always found Photoshop to be just not quite as good for web work. That’s not to say that I don’t like Photoshop – I love it for photography editing and certain design jobs – but I always found Fireworks better for web production. It’s nice to be back.