From the “You-Must-Be-Joking Dept.: Windows XP Starter Edition hopes to make inroads against Linux, piracy

In the latter category we have “Simplified task management,” which is PR speak for “you can only run three apps at one time.” This would appear to be SE’s great Achilles’ heel, but the company believes that this is appropriate for such first time users. Other limitations include (prepare or the horror) 800×600 maximum resolution, no support for multiple user accounts, and no support for Microsoft Networking, meaning no PC-to-PC networking will be possible outside of TCP/IP (FTP good, NetBIOS bad).

Hilarious! Good luck with that marketing plan…

Recognizing Taiwan

I received a message earlier today requesting that I sign this petition in support of Taiwan. I will do them one better and post it here in hopes that they might collect a few more signatures than just mine…

To the United States Presidential Administration:

We, the undersigned individuals and organizations, join the many Americans who support democracy and the right to self-determination without threat. We urge the Administration to rearticulate its “One China Policy” to recognize the reality that there are two separate, sovereign governments each on China and Taiwan.

Drafted in 1972, the “One China Policy” acknowledges the statement that “there is but one China and Taiwan is a part of China.” These words were drafted without the consultation of the Taiwanese population when Taiwan was under an authoritarian rule. Then, the 1979 U.S. – PRC Joint Communiqué recognized the People’s Republic of China as the sole legal government of China, severing all diplomatic relationships with the Republic of China on Taiwan. Taiwan has since become a full-blown democracy modeled after the values embedded in the U.S. Constitution and its people have the power to decide upon Taiwan’s fate. However, the outdated “One China Policy” constricts their right to self-determination by not recognizing that there are two separate, sovereign governments each on China and Taiwan.

The U.S. should not advocate policies that infringe upon any people’s right to self-determination. We must reconsider the use of the term “One China Policy” in light of today’s realities. A new formula should be used for the complex U.S. relationship to both the PRC and Taiwan, one that formally supports Taiwan’s right to self-determination.


The Undersigned

Click here to sign the “Recognize Taiwan Petition”.

Baby Update

We just got back from the hospital, where Dylan spent the past 24 hours or so under nice warm blue lamps to treat elevated levels of bilirubin. He’s fine and healthy now, eating like a little piglet, and we are all just happy to be home.

Springsteen Gets Active

Bruce Springsteen wrote a beautiful op/ed piece for the New York Times: previous post, Springsteen is on tour with several other bands like Dave Matthews and the Dixie Chicks to promote change in this coming election. I think something like this can really help get more of the younger voters to the polls, especially those that may be so disenchanted with things that they wouldn’t have voted otherwise.

Concerts for Change

Musicians come together to swing voters from Bush / October concerts to blitz 9 toss-up states

Awesome! Dave Matthews, R.E.M., Dixie Chicks, Bruce Springsteen, James Taylor, Pearl Jam, Bonnie Raitt, John Mellencamp, and more, all performing on a tour dedicated to spreading the word for the cause that the current administration needs to go.

I especially love how the Bush campaign has tried to brand this widespread movement of popular musicians working together to spread this cause as a “Hollywood hate fest”. Wow – I’d fire that marketing goon that came up with that lousy attempt at bottom-feeding politics. That kind of slander is going to backfire, big time, because it is precisely these musical acts that do represent mainstream America. It’s one thing to dismiss a few small touring bands with low attendance, but here we are talking about major class acts from all over the country here. Springsteen doesn’t strike me as anything Hollywood, nor do any of the rest.