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Eschaton: Brownshirts Only Beyond This Point

Quote of a quote from Eschaton:

A worker with the Federal Emergency Management Agency who wore an anti-Bush T-shirt at the president’s July Fourth rally in Charleston has been sent home to Texas.

Nicole Rank, who was working for FEMA in West Virginia, and her husband, Jeff, were removed from the Capitol grounds in handcuffs shortly before Bush’s speech. The pair wore T-shirts with the message “Love America, Hate Bush.

The Ranks were ticketed for trespassing and released. They have been given summonses to appear in court, Charleston Police Lt. C.A. Vincent said Wednesday.


Dozens of people who attended Sunday’s event wore pro-Bush T-shirts and Bush-Cheney campaign buttons, some of which were sold on the Capitol grounds outside the security screening stations.

On Capitol grounds eh? I suppose the neocon fascists, much like the PRC, can’t help but feel threatened by any hint of contrary thinking. When Shrub’s security monkeys weighed their options – should we let a few dissenters express their opinions freely, or should we sqash them like insects and give them legal punishment – they opted for the squashing. Heil Bush!

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Clintoniana: His Pen Was Kind of Small, Actually…

A Wonkette operative reports:

I did indeed get my copy of “My Life” signed by one Mr. Bill Clinton Tuesday. I went to the signing at Politics and Prose, on Connecticut, and had to thread through a group of protestors on my way in. Seriously, who protests a book signing?! One really pathetic hand-lettered sign said “Clinton: the best President Chinese $$ YEN can buy!”

LMAO!!! I love how this genius does not know the difference between the Japanese Yen and Chinese Renminbi.

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Reuters: Enron ex-chief Kenneth Lay indicted


Former Enron Chairman and Chief Executive Kenneth Lay, who ran the company as it grew into an energy trading giant then fell into ruins as a symbol of corporate greed, has been indicted for his role in the company’s collapse, sources say.

But what we’d really like to know is his involvement in the California Fake Energy Crisis, or even better, the ties to Bush on all counts:

Lay, once a leading U.S. industrialist and close friend of President George W. Bush — who called him “Kenny Boy” — now faces felony charges stemming from the Enron debacle.

Bush, at an appearance in Waterford, Michigan, was asked by reporters about the indictment but walked away without answering.

Walked away without answering indeed… and probably displaying that blank stare, like you know when he was reading “My Pet Goat”? Total shock, and no clue what to do. Later on the article reads:

He became an aggressive political player who lobbied lawmakers such as Bush and his father, former President George H.W. Bush, to deregulate natural gas markets.

Generous campaign donations — at one time he was the current President Bush’s top contributor — helped gain access to the halls of power.

Enron used deregulation to become a dominant force in electricity trading in the 1990s and served as a role model for dozens of other firms that mimicked its no-holds-barred trading practices.

But the burgeoning merchant power industry imploded after Enron’s collapse and the California power crisis of 2000-2001.

Yeah! Knowing all that, I’d be dead silent in front of those reporters too, and deferring all quesions to my lawyer and stuff…