EU to Arm China?

VOA: Chinese PM Urges End to EU Arms Embargo on China

Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao has urged the European Union to lift its embargo on arms sales to his country and recognize it as a market economy. Mr. Wen told reporters in Brussels China has made progress on implementing its human rights commitments and that lifting the embargo would be advantageous to both sides. The Chinese leader’s comments followed talks with European Commission President Romano Prodi.

The primary reason that China wants to purchase weapons from the EU is to achieve military superiority over Taiwan so that it can continue it’s reign of intimidation against the island nation. The United States won’t sell anything to them, so they’re sucking up to the EU to see if they can get some bombs and missiles out of them. I’d be shocked if the EU agreed to this, but you never know – given that the United States has been acting unilaterally against the general consensus of the EU, I guess I wouldn’t be totally shocked if they decided to sell some weapons to China just as a hedge against American military dominance. Yet more evidence that Bush’s failed diplomacy is a threat to world stability. We need a new president that won’t piss off the world like this.

America’s State-Sanctioned Prayer

When prayer and politics intersect |

A couple of interesting statements from this article in the Christian Science Monitor:

Mixing politics and prayer can be problematic, as John of the Market Street Baptist Church points out, when those assembled can’t agree on the clear moral imperative. What’s more, events that bring elected officials and their religious constituents together for prayer at public buildings can feel exclusivist to the nation’s 30 million nonbelievers, according to Ellen Johnson, president of American Atheists. “It makes [the prayer rally] look like a government activity,” she says, noting that all 50 governors and President Bush have issued proclamations recognizing this year’s National Day of Prayer. “When government gets involved in endorsing religion, the rest of us feel marginalized.”

Prayer is sure to play a larger role in political discourse as concerns about terrorism evoke a desire to pray, according to Alan Wolfe, director of the Boisi Center for Religion and American Public Life at Boston College. But, in his opinion, that may not lead to the best public policy. “Prayer is really about the heart, and political life is about thinking and hard choices,” he says. “That’s why it’s better not to mix these two.”

Isn’t the very idea of having a “National Day of Prayer” an obvious and clearly flagrant violation of the separation of church and state? Just the sound of it reminds me of some religious fundamentalist dictatorship – not the kind of thing I would expect to hear from a supposedly free democracy. Christians pray every Sunday, and many muslims pray five times per day. Why do we need a national, state sanctioned day to pray some more? Is it so we can show our allegiance to God in conjunction with our obedience to our rulers?

One of the primary reasons why we created this democracy in the first place was to remove the idea of religion-driven leadership. We need to preserve that idea if this country is to remain a free one.

Who got us that deficit anyway?

Stocks down on rate worries, slowdown in retail sales, deficit warning from Greenspan

Contributing to investors’ anxiety, Greenspan told a banking conference Thursday that the federal budget deficit could represent a major obstacle to long-term economic stability. The deficit, which was a surplus a few years ago, will amount to 4.25 percent of the total economy after it climbs to an estimated $500 billion this year.

Bush’s policies of seeking self-serving short term gain at the expense of long term stability are many, and it doesn’t stop with his failed economic policy. Look at his pullout from critical global environmental programs, his withdrawal of the United States from the world court of law and virtually from the United Nations, and his invasion of Iraq under misleading pretenses and questionable intent, and so on and so forth. This guy has taken our country on a swift ride straight to the sewer over the past four years.

Under Bush’s leadership we have seen soaring deficits – debts that our children will be saddled with for years – from what was a once soaring budget surplus. We have seen soaring and sustained unemployment over the past four years, and a stock market that still can’t seem to get out of bed. Amazing. How did he do it so quickly and so thoroughly?

Germany Also Sacrifices Taiwan’s Rights at the Altar of Trade

Germany and China confirm economic ties: printer friendly version

It’s not just for Americans anymore…

Germany holds to its belief that China and Taiwan should be reunified, the statement said, a requirement for all of China’s diplomatic partners. The German government is opposed to the independence of Taiwan, the declaration said.

This lie is just so depressing – it amazes me that world leaders will stand up and say such things just to appease China, just to extract more favors. Nevermind that Taiwan was never ruled by the PRC. (It’s true! Despite what the PRC would have you beleive, the PRC has never been to Taiwan.) Nevermind that this charade has continued for over fifty years between Taiwan and the mainland. Nevermind that Taiwan is a democracy that like Western democracies should be supporting if they were eating their own dogfood. How many widgets do you get to sell now in China for this? How many workers are you now allowed to use in China, conveniently free of any inconvenient and expensive labor laws or livable wages?

Just another democracy showing how much they love democratic principles, freedom, and human rights… The only country in the world that stands to benefit from the annexation of Taiwan into the mouth of China is China itself. Taiwan will lose it’s freedom, and the rest of the world would lose a stronghold of democracy in Asia to an agressive bully nation.

The western democracies are all saying that they disapprove of any provocation in the Taiwan-China situation, clearly pointing at Taiwan’s assertions of sovereignity. But ahem, China has hundreds of missiles pointed directly at Taiwan – so how is that not a provocation? Tell China to point those things somewhere else why don’t you?

Just for once I’d like to see a major western nation stop bending over and taking it in the butt from China’s fanatical leadership on this issue and stand up for Taiwan’s rigths as a free and independent nation. This constant and repetitive parade of lies at the expense of Taiwan’s statehood is incredibly shameful – how much longer are we all going to live this lie?