60 top scientists and 20 Nobel Laureates can’t be wrong

Mother Nature, The Hate Crime / More than 60 world-class scientists agree: BushCo just really, really loathes this planet

Today’s question: What do you get when more than 60 of the world’s top scientists, 20 Nobel Laureates among them, get together and write one of the most scathing, damning reports in the history of modern science, aimed squarely at BushCo’s thoroughly atrocious record of cover-ups and obfuscations and outright lies regarding the health of the planet?

Yes, these aren’t a bunch of west coast, granola-munching, Birkenstock-wearing tree-huggers. This is the Union of Concerned Scientists making this report that Bush’s administration has been aggressively and systematically attempting to dismantle or prevent environmental protections in the interest of big business, and to the detriment of the Earth itself. Of course, the White House ‘experts’ refute all of this, dismissing the opinions of this elite group of scientists as a bunch of uninformed speculation.


Got most of the rest of the site modified into the new look. How do we look? The thing that is incredibly neat about this, apart from the snappy downloads that I tested from my Grandpa’s old 350 MHz iMac on a 56k dialup, is the fact that I have finally cast aside the over-tabled and over-classed design practices of the last century. Tweaking is going to be a cinch. Oh, and the Web Standards Project has thoughtfully reminded me to escape my URLs to help me achieve future validation.

New design sees daylight

San Bei Ji: Blog

It is 1:13 AM and I have finally pushed out the new site design. It’s only on the blog now – will apply the rest of the design later. The hard part is done – deciding on the design, and making sure my database and PHP are all working.

This new design is a complete CSS layout based on semantically-formed XHTML. It doesn’t seem to validate yet, but I’ll get that going soon enough. It’s just a hair off on the URLs validation-wise, but everything else seems mostly right.

The important thing is that it’s a start. It works in most browsers, even PDA browsers and XHTML-savvy mobile phones. I can modify my site design more centrally now. File sizes are down to just a fraction of the original. And it just looks pretty damn cool…

Bush’s Media Posse

SFGate: FCC fine prompts Clear Channel to drop Howard Stern

Stern has charged on the air that he’s being punished for his criticism of President Bush. Clear Channel’s political action committee and its employees have given $265,800 to Republicans for the 2004 election, more than any other broadcaster, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, a nonpartisan research group.

I have always found the ties between George W. Bush and the Clear Channel Corporation quite fascinating/revealing/disturbing…

Armed with only a pen

THE EYEOPENER ONLINE: Armed with only a pen…

Two hours pass. It’s 4:00 p.m. Flash. Number 97. Liu walks up to a middle-aged woman who screens her application and detects the anomaly: Taiwan.

“Please change the country to China, and put Taiwan under city,” the agent says.

“Taiwan was never a city. It’s my country,” Liu replies.

“If you write Taiwan as the country, your passport will be rejected when you enter China,” she is told in return.

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