A little game

Stopdesign | Page 23

A little blogger game… Resistance for me was futile, apparently:

  1. Grab the nearest book.
  2. Open the book to page 23.
  3. Find the fifth sentence.
  4. Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.

Uncannily, or perhaps predictably because the book in question just shipped and we may possibly have a common interest in such things, my result was the same as where I found this little game:

Change that one line of code, and they can all be purple, yellow, maroon, or any other color you desire.

I had a good chuckle when I pulled my book over from the right side of my desk, opened it up, dutifully followed the instructions, and saw the same sentence as Doug’s staring me right in the face.

What have you?

Repression in HK gains momentum

Reuters | China rules out Hong Kong elections

I can hear the gooey crunching sound as China squishes Hong Kong’s democratic aspirations like an unwanted insect in the kitchen. Tsang’s quotes sound best if you use your best domaneering, misanthropic, bent sociopathic dictator voice:

There will be no universal suffrage for electing the third Chief Executive in 2007,” Tsang Hin-chi, a Hong Kong member of the NPC’s Standing Committee, told reporters in Beijing on Monday.

There will be no universal suffrage for all legislators,” he said, referring to elections due in 2008. His comments were carried live on Hong Kong’s Cable Television.

The move is part of a campaign by Beijing since the start of the year to contain Hong Kong’s democratic aspirations that it fears could produce leaders who will challenge its control.

Sad, but hardly suprised given China’s abysmal track record. Add your own evil “mua-ha-ha-ha” at the end of Tsang’s statements and you have the opening scene for a great sci-fi epic, kind of like the way they opened Star Wars with Darth Vader’s ominous entry at the start of Episode IV.

Gadget Roundup

Father’s day is coming:

Brighthand RumorMill: palmOne Preparing Treo 610
Rumored Treo successor expected to finally get Bluetooth support. My 270 wants to retire soon.

Sonnet PodFreq | Photo Gallery
Looks like someone has finally figured out how to make a higher-quality iPod FM transmitter than the chaff currently out there. Uses the audio out instead of the headphone jack to help eliminate distortion.

Swissmemory USB Storage in a Victorinox Pocket Knife
The ultimate. Swiss Army Knives have always been a favorite among gadget-struck dads worldwide. Stick a USB key drive on it and you have the 21st century version.

GMail spot

Aldoblog: G-Man!

Why a state senator feels the need to “protect” people from something they don’t have to sign up for is beyond me. More proof that politicians are publicity hounds first, uninformed technophobes second, and advocates for genuine public good dead last.

Couldn’t agree more with Michael’s assessment – GMail is entirely an opt-in email offering. Don’t use it if you don’t like it.

Update: Kerim sent me this via email, and he makes an excellent point:

The GMail issue is a little more complex than a typical “opt-in” situation. The fact is that you might not use GMail, but someone you correspond with regularly might. That means that all your messages to them are subject to provisions that you yourself have not agreed to! I’m still not sure that it is anything to be majorly concerned about, but it isn’t so simple either. For instance, after 180 days online archives can be searched without a warrant, while e-mail on your own computer cannot. I already use IMAP so this would apply to me already – but yet again, the point is that there are issues here which must be discussed carefully.

Cook until done

March of Dimes: Complications: Preterm Labor and Birth: A Serious Pregnancy Complication

According to the March of Dimes, about 12% of births in the United States are categorized as “preterm” – meaning a delivery earlier than 37 weeks. As our doctor says though, there are many varying degrees of risk in the time leading up to that final week, and every day closer to that magic number means a higher chance that everything will be OK with your kid. Obviously at 34 or even 32 weeks, we’d all be able to breathe a little easier. But as things stand right now at the beginning of our 23rd week, a delivery right now would not be a Good Thing™

Yingwen spent the whole day hooked up to an I.V. of all sorts of good drugs meant to stop the contractions as she recovers from a cerclage she had in the morning. Now she’s looking at (hopefully) ten to fourteen weeks of bedrest. Dude. Imagine sitting on your butt for two and a half months. We had this happen with Max – three months of bedrest and he still showed up about five weeks early. And to top it off, she really hasn’t felt good since day 1 of this pregnancy, with all the first trimester morning sickness, the early contractions, and now bedrest and a weekend hopped up on whacky-juice. I’ll take my weekend in bed with my own choice of pharmaceuticals on my own terms, thank you very much! But seriously, the way I see it, this girl deserves a big, fat, honkin’ present when this is all done with. Hmmm…. what to do… what to get… hmmm… hmmm…

I can’t freakin’ sleep. Too much to think about. Must remember to show this post to the boys when they become unruly and lackadaisical teenagers, years from now, when they ask me: “Daddy, why do I have to take out the garbage/mow the lawn/get good grades/go to college/get a job?” I could then just show them this post. Or, I could be cruel to them and just say: “Go ask your mother.” Oh man, I can see the lid coming off that can ‘o Whup-Ass™ already. Hmmmm… hmmm….”