Dreamweaver update

Macromedia – Studio MX 2004 Updates

Dreamweaver MX 2004 update was just posted. Major improvements in speed on the Mac version – it is jammin’ now. Tons of bug fixes. Tons. It’s like night and day over the last release. It is now a joy to use on my PowerBook. I’ve been using it to write CSS, recode sites into XHTML, and code up PHP and JavaScript. It rocks now – major productivity enhancement for me with all the code completion, code coloring, database connectivity, and site management tools. If you were holding off on upgrading, then your time has come. Copies may be purchased online here.

Left Radio

SFGate: Upstart 24-hour talk radio network prepares to turn the dial to the left Liberal Air America to start national broadcast at end of month

Finally the answer to right-wing fascist radio is seeing the light of day to awaken the masses blinded by the constant misinformation of the Republican Agenda™. Note Michael Savage’s desperate and fearful quote: “They’ll never last…” Methinks this will be quite the opposite. This is long overdue and there is strong demand for a progressive, intelligent, nationally syndicated alternative to Savage and Rush Limbaugh. This could be the start of something very big.

Station Density

How to Configure the Airport Tab in your Apple Base Station

I noticed the past few days that my WiFi connectivity with my brand new freakin’ PowerBook was quite weak lately when I was at home. Why oh why? But then when reading through the above-linked page, a glimmer of hope. Could it be just the simple fact that all my neighbors have WiFi networks now? I mean, here on the front port I can see four cleverly-named SSIDs right at this very moment, and sometimes at the back of the house I can pick up seven or more. Well OK, so the stations are getting pretty thick around here lately, so let’s give it a try for setting this Station Density option in my Airport Admin Utility to High. And Voila! We are back to normal.