What a difference a gig makes

I maxed out my 1 GHz 12″ PowerBook G4 today with the full 1024 MB Samsung/Apple OEM RAM chip. Such a difference. Smooth, fast, no overheating, and no kernel panics. Bad RAM sucks. I had a freebie 512 MB chip tossed in when I got this machine. Had at least one kernel panic a day with that thing. So far the OEM chip is smooth as silk. Got it from MemoryX/ We Love Macs at the Macworld show earlier this morning, at about $200 less than what Apple is selling it for from their own site.

The Minis

MSNBC – Yes, They’re Cool

When he announced the mini’s $249 price tag in his keynote, the reaction’ from a crowd predisposed to give standing ovations when the maestro cleared his throat’ was like the air being let out of a volleyball.

And yeah, if you look at it in the context of the competition, $249 is probably the right price for the iPod Mini. The 4 GB Rio is the same price, and I’m sure that Apple will have no trouble selling as many iPod Mini’s as they want.

I’ll bet the price comes down a bit after all the early-adopting fasion slaves get their fill. And on the other hand – that 15 GB low end iPod is looking like a pretty good deal now…

Cool Mars Photos and Site

NOVA | MARS Dead or Alive | Explore the Red Planet | PBS

These are very cool high-resolution photos of Mars that show detail of the planet and surface features, many of which clearly indicate erosion caused most likely by liquid water. (Not the latest b/w photos that just came back from the first lander Spirit.)

And might I add, a very cool site overall – I’m reading up on the current Mars lander mission ahead of the Nova special that airs later tonight. They did a great job of combining valuable written content and useful interactive features and animation into an engaging yet simple site design.

Also I noticed that they use the Chicago font in the site banner, which was the default Mac OS font up until I think Mac OS 8? Always a cool choice of typeface for that futuristic-yet-retro look.

Cheap iPods as pocket drives.

Apple-Watchers Mull Reports of Low-Cost iPods

“With a $100 to $150, low-end, 2GB iPod, Apple could also become the leader in the low-end MP3 player and USB keychain markets,” he said. “Who would buy a 256MB USB keychain if, for almost the same price, they could have a 2GB iPod that plays music and stores data as well?”

Good point. I think I would finally get myself an iPod if it were down around this price anyway, and the bonus of using it for data as a pocket drive is a huge bonus.