Outrage! Bush snubs Taiwan in favor of Chinese agression

U.S. clearly warns Taiwan against independence bid – The Washington Times: Nation/Politics

Chen Shui-bian, president of the Republic of China (Taiwan), has called for a March 20 referendum that would demand that China stop threatening the island and remove hundreds of missiles pointed at the island.

“We don’t welcome the referendum,” the Bush official said, adding that the administration is concerned that its passage might lead to a declaration of independence.

OK just think about the logic here. Taiwan wants to hold a referendum on wether or not the island nation should demand that China stop threatening war and to remove the missiles pointed at them. Sounds fair enough.

Bush however has backpedaled on his pledge to support Taiwan, just like freakin’ Clinton and just about every other president since Nixon, has publicly denounced Taiwan’s bid for peace and freedom. In this statement, Bush has given even more clout to China’s war drum against Taiwan. He’s saying “OK, China: It’s OK for you to point missiles at Taiwan. And Taiwan: it is not OK for you to be a free and democratic nation.” What a freakin’ spineless sell-out.

Taiwan is a democracy. The United States should support democracy, but it doesn’t. It supports money and political back-door deals. But as for democracy, well it looks like that is becoming more and more of an inconvenience to this administration.

Tramontozzi’s Bass Recital

Went to Steve Tramontozzi’s recital earlier today at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, where he performed several solo bass pieces as well as two transcriptions of pieces for cello and accompaniment. Steve’s performance was quite excellent and I was left inspired to go home and practice my ass off. Steve is a bassist’s bassist – has a particularly good ear and sense for musicality when playing these pieces which really brings ’em alive, and he supports that with phenomenal bowing technique and position playing. Great to hear this set of repertoire, as I’d never heard any of these pieces played on a double bass. Works included:

Kadenza – Teppo Hauta-Aho
Psy – Luciano Berio
Motivy – Emil Tabakov
Sinfonia for Violoncello and Continuo – Pergolesi
Élégie – Gabriel Fauré
Ballade for Unaccompanied Contrabass – Behzad Ranjbaran
Sonata in A Op.17 – Beethoven

I was particularly interested in the Pergolesi piece, because it is what Stravinsky used for Pulcinella. The pieces by Tabakov and Ranjbaran are certainly ones that I’m going to see about working up one of these days – those two pieces have a flavor that remind me of gypsy fiddle music. Best of all, it was great to see a freakin’ bass recital after I don’t know how many years. I used to go to these sorts of things all the freakin’ time when I lived back in Boston. I have missed it.

Support for Taiwan’s Referendum

FOXNews.com – Top Stories – Taiwan Referendum to Demand China Remove Missiles In their first-ever referendum vote, the people of Taiwan will be asked whether or not they should demand that China redeploy over 400 missiles aimed at the island, and to renounce the constant threat of war.

There seems to be a general fear in the West that this is unnecessarily rocking the boat – keep the ambiguous status quo and everyone will be happy eh? That’s fine if you don’t mind living a lie and living with 400 missiles pointed at your homeland, with a very large neighbor threatening to pull the trigger at any moment and isolating your country politically at every turn.

If you are not Taiwanese, put yourself in their shoes for a moment and ask yourself if you would stand for this kind of thing. I know I wouldn’t. China’s threats are wrong. Taiwan deserves sovereignty and the freedom to exercise it’s democracy and to call it’s own future. And yet the ludicrous official position of the United States is that we don’t support Taiwan’s independence, for fear that this would disrupt the status quo.

Had we feared rocking the boat back in 1776, we’d all be saluting the Union Jack and singing God Save The Queen today. It disgusts me that hypocritical democracies are asking Taiwan to just lie down to appease China, at precisely the time when they should be throwing their full support behind Taiwan’s democracy and pressuring China to tone down it’s rhetoric.