Weblog Update: Printer-Friendly Page and Redesign Plans

You might notice that I added a link for a printer-friendly format to this weblog at the top of the main weblog page. At long last, I have gotten around to creating something on this site that actually validates against XHTML 1.0.

Eventually the whole site will be redesigned with standards in mind. Oh this site is sorely in need of it. I’ve been reading tons of materials on CSS and standards-compliance and I’ve finally got religion. (Thank you Zeldman and Meyer…) I am looking forward to this process.

In the past, I’ve often used a ‘revolutionary’ approach to redesigns – building a completely new site from scratch has often been the easiest way to weed out legacy code problems. In this case however, I will be doing it all in more of an ‘evolutionary’ approach and will make the modifications piece by piece, test them in the real world, and adjust my plans as issues or new ideas arise.

Of course, there are tons of organizational issues that need to be addressed, too. The site hierarchy was designed over two years ago, and this scheme is no longer valid for the progression of content that has been added over this period of time. The weblog doesn’t even have it’s own place in the primary navigation, and this is where most of the content is on this site these days.

The goal will be a site that validates against XHTML 1.0 Transitional, makes much more efficient use of CSS, has far fewer image resources and tables, manages failover for older browsers, and has a nice fresh visual design. I should try to do something with wireless and text-only browsers, too – eventually having a seamless user experience no matter how you arrive at the home page.

Max’s First Day of Preschool

We took Max to his first day of preschool this morning. We were all worried that he would get upset or something. What were we thinking? He just took off as soon as he was in there and started playing with all the other kids. Didn’t even notice we were still there…

Update: This place turned out to be a horror show. Pulled him out after the first day. Let’s just say I’m considering what legal options I might have – that’s how bad they sucked. Tried another place and he is now much happier.