Changing the story

First it was shown that the documents alleged by the White House to be proof of Iraq’s attempts to purchase nuclear weapons material from Africa were fraudulent and forged, then the White House issues a retraction of these allegations made during the President’s State of the Union Address, and now Rumsfeld is claiming that they are completely revising their explanation as to why they invaded Iraq in the first place?

I am sick and tired of getting jerked around by this administration. These guys are certified liars and the endless trail of B.S. is getting very old. Rumsfeld said earlier this year that there was no doubt in his mind that the Iraquis had WMDs littered all over the place, and we would be tripping over them on our way in to invade them.

What is going on here? Why are we being consistently lied to? Why the dramatic urgency to concoct these fabrications to try and justify an invasion? The not-so-hidden agenda here should be obvious by now: It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why a bunch of oil monkeys in control of the White House would want to gain control of the oil-soaked nations of the Middle East.

Grand Pause

I just remembered this story, so here goes:

I used to play with these guys back at New England Conservatory on Friday nights. We had two violins, a viola, cello, and myself on bass, plus occasional guest artists on piano, clarinet, or whatever.

What we would do every Friday night is grab a bunch of beer, or Uncle Carlo Rossi’s Light Chianti, or maybe some Absolut, and stealthily smuggle it all into one of the practice rooms in the back of the building, lock the door, close the shades, and then play a game of Grand Pause, which is basically a drinking game that we invented for classical musicians. Here is how you too can play Grand Pause with your ensemble:

  1. Ensemble starts playing the chosen piece of music.
  2. If there is a significant amount of rest – one measure for a slow movement or two for a faster one, then you must drink. The basic goal is, if you’re not playing, you’re drinking. Try not to spill your drink on your Gofriller or your neighbor’s Amati.
  3. If you come to a grand pause/fermata, then everyone in the group must shout “Grand Pause!!!”, and then chug-a-lug whatever is left in their glass or bottle.
  4. Keep playing until it is impossible to continue due to laughter/inebriation/security guards.
  5. Once we actually got a gig playing at a Democratic Party fundraiser at the Copley Plaza Hotel in Boston. Two words: Free booze. Nuff said – you can guess what happened…

Hong Kong Protests!

Hundreds of thousands of Hong Kong’s citizens took to the streets earlier to protest a new anti-subversion law. There were estimates between 350,000 and 500,000 people out there, making it the largest public demonstration of outrage in Hong Kong since the Tiananmen Square Massacre in Beijing 14 years ago. This new law is a guaranteed path towards PRC-style oppression and totalitarianism. The vast numbers of people that turned out for this protest indicate that there is real and widespread fear about this one among the people in Hong Kong, because they have seen what atrocities can be committed by a state in the name of anti-subversion laws by examining what has happened over the years just to their north. Read more!