Morford tells it like it is

Mark Morford’s latest editorial is his best ever. Go read it now! Go go go!!!

Mark has really done a good job of putting together a big picture of the autrocious behavior and actions from the Bush Admninistration, and one has to ask after reading this: How much longer will the Republican partisans continue to support these lying demagogues in the White House before every last scrap of their credibility, and morals, and dignity have been lost? Go read it now!

Contribute 2.0 coming… for Mac!

It’s official – Macromedia’s new Contribute product is now hitting 2.0, and this version introduces some really cool features.

Most cool is of course Mac OS X support. This is great news for Mac users who are content editors. As a bonus, they have added direct support for .Mac accounts. Nice touch.

Another major new feature is support for connections via SFTP, allowing secure, encrypted logins and file transfers. Unencrypted logins are just bad practice – this is a very welcome feature.

FlashPaper is a new feature that allows any printable document to become an embeddable Flash object in your pages. This is new technology and sounds cool, but I want to see more of how this takes off n the real world. This is Windows only at this point, but I bet if enough feedback comes in they will port the feature to Mac.

But the main feature of this product is ease of use. You just set up a connection with a key that is sent by your site administrator, fire up Contribute, browse to your page, click the edit button, type your changes, and then click Publish. It is too easy, too intuitive. Mortals will love the ease of use, and web gods will love not having to waste time with trivial updates.


We played Ultimate Frisbee yesterday. Today I feel like a bag of ass. I was dragging by sorry butt up and down that field like a wounded mastadon. It was hella fun tho… Hopefully we’ll do that more regularly. I lost yet another pound because of it.

Not Tenet’s fault after all?

This just showed up in the Washington Post – CIA Got Uranium Reference Cut in Oct. – Why Bush Cited It In Jan. Is Unclear.

I thought it was fishy that George Tenet would publicly take the full blame for the uranium issue. Now it seems fishier than ever. This quote from the article:

The new disclosure suggests how eager the White House was in January to make Iraq’s nuclear program a part of its case against Saddam Hussein even in the face of earlier objections by its own CIA director. It also appears to raise questions about the administration’s explanation of how the faulty allegations were included in the State of the Union speech.

And this quote too:

But it is clear from the new disclosure about Tenet’s intervention last October that the controversy continues to boil, and as new facts emerge a different picture is being presented than the administration has given to date.

My opinion? The White House knew very clearly that the Uranium claim was bogus three months earlier, so there is no reason why they should all-of-a-sudden forget this so conveniently by the time of Bush’s State of the Union address last January. The Bush Administration has been lying to us about Iraq all along, and is now really trying hard to cover up it’s tracks. But the harder they try to deceive us, the more the lies become apparent.