Impeach Bush

As time goes by, it is becoming more and more clear that Bush’s statements regarding his reasoning for going to war against Iraq were in fact lies. Nice big fat lies, to justify the invasion of another nation and human fatalities.

In his article “Is lying about the reason for a war an impeachable offense?”, John Dean outlines clearly the false statements made by Bush to try and convince America that there would be massive quantities of chemical and biological weapons found upon the invasion of Iraq. Now that it has become painfully clear that these weapons are just not there, and that Bush used false statements to mislead our nation into an invasion and occupation of Iraq, we must do something about it. Impeachment seems an appropriate first step.

OmniWeb 4.5 beta with Apple WebCore

Well I have to say good job to the folks at Omni for building in Apple’s WebCore in to their OmniWeb web browser. Now it is finally a useable contender. (Can somebody convince Opera to do likewise?) The browser has a great interface, so I’m glad it’s not just a pretty face anymore. I do love the Form Editor feature – with live spell checking that I am now enjoying as I write this very post.

More on WMD lies

Mounting criticism on why the White House had deliberatly distorted facts and used outright lies to justify their war on Iraq.

MSNBC: Pressure mounting on Bush and Blair as weapons hunters find no unconventional arms

SFGate: CIA asked to explain prewar reports – Congresswoman warns of spy ‘hoax’

Swissinfo: US insiders question Iraq facts

Reuters UK: US Insiders Say Iraq Intel Deliberately Skewed Calls to publish Iraq war evidence

New York Times: Save Our Spooks

North County Times, California: Pressure mounts as weapons hunters find no WMD

Everett Herald, Washington: US losing credibility in protracted hunt for weapons

Japan Today: Blair, Bush face heat over lack of WMDs in Iraq

Boston Globe: Pressure mounting on Bush and Blair as weapons hunters find no unconventional arms

And even Fox!: Report: British Intelligence Skeptical About Iraqi Weapons, although they’ve done a pretty good job of covering up the whole story, burying it, and distorting the reports themselves. Fair and balanced my ass…

Hundreds more articles out there, all saying the same thing. We were lied to about why we should go to war with Iraq. Think about it…