You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth!

Today, sadly again, President Bush opened up another tirade against due process and democracy. He dismissed those that question his reasoning for going to war with Iraq, calling them ‘revisionist historians’, which hardly makes sense given the fact that the people merely want him to account for why facts were distorted, why intelligence was ignored, and why there was such a blitzkrieg of fictitious hype and obfuscation leading up to the invasion of Iraq. This situation has nothing to do with history and everything to do with explaining the abuse of power that seems to have taken place here.

Here is the full quote, referring to anyone that didn’t take him at his word regarding the Iraq war and didn’t blindly follow his hyped-up claims:

“Now there are some who would like to rewrite history; revisionist historians is what I like to call them,”

That’s really brilliant. So Bush has coined a new term for those that demand the truth from his administration. But seriously, who is the real revisionist of history here? Those that demand the truth, or those that try to hide it?

Diet = die with a T

Today is day two of my low-carb diet. Yesterday was hell, because I decided to quit caffeine at the same time. The caffeine thing is particularly significant, since at one point I was downing three double-cappuccinos every day. Learned that habit when I lived in Boston, since I had to walk past the Espresso Royale Café every day on my way back and forth between my apartment and the Conservatory.

Today is not so bad though. The pounding headaches are starting to wane, and I have lost that sudden urge for decapitation. By comparison, the food thing is a piece of cake, so to speak.

I loooove the smell and the taste of coffee. It goes way beyond addiction. I hear decaf can taste somewhat decent. We shall see…

I seem to be OK with the whole low-carb thing. Like for lunch today I simply ordered my usual burrito but without the rice. When it arrived at our table, I sliced it open like a wet bag of groceries and feasted on it’s hot and steaming entrails, tossing it’s evil refined-flour tortilla hide off to the side when I was done. However, I had an episode yesterday where I was craving anything but meat, egg, or cheese so badly that I was eating broccoli, raw, right out of the fridge. But I seem to be past all that now, and am starting to feel pretty good. I noticed that I didn’t slip into my usual ‘burrito coma’ after lunch, and then of course be forced to pump espresso directly into my veins.

So cool, we’ll see how this goes. If I can make it 14 days for the induction phase of this illogical diet plan, I’ll be impressed.