McCarthy and Copland

Here is an excerpt from the recently released secret transcripts from the McCarthy hearings. I found this one particularly funny since they are interviewing Aaron Copland – the composer of “Appliacian Spring” – one of the most profoundly American pieces of classical music from the 20th Century:

May 26, 1953, McCarthy and Cohn questioning classical music composer, professor, and conductor Aaron Copland about his associations with communists.

McCarthy: Have you ever been a communist sympathizer?

Copland: I am not sure I would be able to say what you mean by the word “sympathizer.”

McCarthy: Did you ever attend a communist meeting?

Copland: I am afraid I don’t know how you define a communist meeting…

Cohn: What was your view of the Hitler-Stalin pact – 1939 to 1941?

Copland: I don’t remember any specific view of it…

Cohn: Do you feel communists should be allowed to teach in our schools?

Copland: I haven’t given the matter such thought as to come up with an answer.

Cohn: In other words, as of today you don’t have any firm thought?

Copland: I would be inclined to allow the faculty of the university to decide that.

Now, just replace the word “communist” with the word “muslim” and you have the modern, present-day Ashcroft version.

“It’s like being Slashdotted for bassists

Bob Gollihur has an amazing collection of links to bass-related websites. This is like the de-facto standard of contrabass directories. He has actually split the listings into two lists – one for general bass stuff, and one specifically for luthiers. A great resource for anyone looking for information relating to the double bass, and the luthier portion of the listing is especially useful for those trying to find someone in your neck of the woods to shine up that old bass.

Waking up from a fog

Man – it’s been like four days since I felt normal. I had a sore throat and was exhausted the whole time – basically felt like crap. I finally am starting to feel normal now – let’s hope this is the end of it…