Time for a hard drive upgrade

Well it looks like the free space on my PowerBook G4’s 20 GB hard drive is now under 1 GB, and I’ve been squeezing space now for months. I’m sure there’s a ton of Photoshop, Illustrator, and related files that are pure chaff and need to be purged, but still I think it’s time to upgrade the hard drive before I run out of room. I had Photoshop blow up on me recently because it said that my swap disk was full. Sure, connecting a free FireWire drive and setting it as the primary swap disk fixed the problem, but that won’t help me if I’m working on the road.

I’m looking at the IBM Travelstar 40GNX as the most likely replacement. It has 40 GB capacity which would double my internal hard drive space, and 5,400 RPMs which should help boost performance. Since it looks as though I’ll be using this PowerBook for a while longer (read: no budget for replacement as yet), I might as well spend the money on some incremental upgrades to my existing equipment. Perhaps some more RAM is in order, too…

Biased News Coverage

I have just finished watching a CBC broadcast of coverage of the Iraq war. It is shocking to see what a difference there was between the CBC coverage and news agencies based in the USA. The CBC showed footage of the captured American POWs, as well as extensive coverage of anti-war protests in New York and other cities. All the major US network stations are refusing to show the captured American POWs or the footage of the dead American soldiers, and yet they seem to have no trouble when showing pictures of captured or dead Iraqis. The war protest coverage is merely a token gesture on the major networks, as opposed to major news in every other major country. The USA news coverage is all about hyped-up live front-line stories and images, interviews with generals, and sound bytes from Rumsfeld and Bush. What we are being fed here in the USA is not the full picture.

This is unacceptable hypocrisy for our news agencies and a shameful portrayal of how biased our media has become – and how far we have drifted from true freedom of speech here in the USA. I have to go to other countries’ news sources to find out what is happening with my own damn country and in the rest of the world. How screwed up is that? We have a right to know. We have a right to unbiased news. We are not getting the news that we deserve.

Support Our Troops

I have seen some minor pro-war demonstrations in the news in the past couple of days. One recurring message that they frequently present is the idea is the whole “We support our troops” motto.

I would counter the pro-war mentality of those making that statement statement by arguing that one of the main points of the anti-war movement is to protect our own men and women in the armed services from senseless harm by ending this war and bringing them home as quickly as possible. Just because we question the motives of this war doesn’t mean we do not support our troops. Hell yes we support our troops! That is precisely why we want them out of Iraq! Just because they have been sent into Bush’s war doesn’t automatically make the war just. With such obvious motives related to Bush, Cheney, and Rice’s oil ties, the blatant disregard for the whole North Korea situation, his father’s legacy, and his narrow, zealotrous, self-righteous attitude, the underlying motives of this war are just too questionable to have warranted a unilateral invasion that supersedes the U.N. authority.

Support our troops – not Bush’s oil war!

Dick Cheney and Conservation

Here is a short excerpt from Nader’s recent article on energy policy and conservation:

Federal policy over the past century has largely failed to promote an energy system based on safe, secure, economically affordable, and environmentally benign energy sources. The tax code, budget appropriations, and regulatory processes overwhelmingly have been used to subsidize dependence on fossil fuels and nuclear power. The result: increased sickness and premature deaths, depleted family budgets, acid rain destruction of lakes, forests, and crops, oil spill contamination, polluted rivers and loss of aquatic species and the long-term peril of climate change and radioactive waste dumpsΩnot to mention a dependency on external energy supplies.

Full article here: http://www.nader.org/interest/050101.html

Our dependence on foreign oil is the main reason why we are so wrapped up in all the Middle East conflicts. If we remove our dependence on foreign oil, we remove our need to “keep the peace” in this region. We have no place playing the world’s police cop, and we have the technology to conserve much more than we do. It is time to stop playing this blood-for-oil game again and again.

SARS scare is further reasoning for Taiwan WHO entry

“Taiwan is denied entry into the World Health Organization because mainland China blocks it’s entry. China is afraid of Taiwan being recognized for what it is, an independent nation. China also delayed reporting of the SARS outbreak which began in China’s Guanzhong province to it’s own people because it did not want to interrupt the glory of their National Assembly and their sensitive shifts in power. This wildfire could have been better contained, but now this disease is spreading rapidly worldwide, and China is much to blame for their stubbornness and inaction. Many Taiwanese have been affected, but it has been difficult for Taiwan to participate in action against the spread of this disease because of China’s arrogant stance on the WHO issue. Taiwan should be allowed entry into the WHO regardless of China’s protests, because Taiwan deserves representation and because human lives are at stake. This ridiculous situation must be resolved before a real disaster occurs.

More on this issue from the Taipei Times: Editorial: SARS: The US helps, WHO doesn’t