HJ Resolution 20

This is the text of an email that was just forwarded to me by my contrabass-sensei:

Subject: EMERGENCY! HJ Resolution 20

Friends and Concerned Americans,

Against all odds, there were enough signatures, e-mails telegrams and phone calls within the last 24 hours to Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich of Ohio to persuade him to introduce before the House of Representatives in Washington, D.C. a little known resolution that deprives the President of his authority to wage war.

However, we must now persuade Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert that there is a growing consensus if not a plurality to mandate the resolution for a House ballot.

Therefore, please take a moment to e-mail Speaker Hastert by simply saying, “I am in favor of introducing HJ Resolution 20 for a vote.” Speaker Hastert’s e-mail: Speaker@mail.house.gov.

Please do this NOW.

And please forward to every other concerned citizen you know.

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