The world looks different at night

Switching back and forth between daylight savings time and standard time is always a disruption. This time I was really getting in to my after-work mountain bike riding, only to have it suddenly go dark on me by 6 PM after they changed the clocks on us again last Sunday.

So I got myself a set of Nite-Hawk lights for my bike. This is pretty rad – lights up the whole road very nicely. Check ’em out!

Everything seems so different when you ride at night. I seem to hear things and smell things differently. Everything looks different – not sure how to describe it. Mysterious, nostalgic, primitive, trippy… it’s all in there. When it is ice cold outside and the stars are shining like crytals, there’s no people about, and all you can hear is the breeze, the ride sort of becomes this unique transcendental experience.

Learn to Play Piano!

This is actually an older design but resurrected and updated with new copy and it’s own permanent domain: This is Yingwen’s site for her piano teaching activities. It includes a short bio, contact info, and a bookstore that orders direct through Barnes and Noble. Future plans include a student/teacher application that will allow her to input data about student progress and allow students and parents to log in and see information. It will be very cool.

For now, this is pretty much a static site with a cool design. It’s much more freeform than my corporate sites and I like the opportunity to do something that is more creative and artistic.

George’s odd sense of priorities…

So now George Dubyah says that he would like to find a diplomatic to solution to the issue of North Korea having a confirmed and active nuclear arms program that is in direct violation of an agreement made with the USA in 1994, and at the same time is pressing the UN for early military action ahead of any U.N. arms inspections because they might have a nuclear weapons program, among other things.

Never mind that terrorists have recently blown up an oil tanker off the African coast, killed a marine in Kuwait, blew up a nightclub in Bali and a mall in the Philippines… noooo, Iraq is the biggest threat to U.S. oil interests…. er, I mean U.S. security interests.

A corpse kicking itself

I found it heartily amusing today to learn that California Governor Candidate and Dot-Bomb Gazillionaire Bill Simon was forced to backpedal on his accusation that he had a photo as proof of Gov. Gray Davis accepting a campaign contribution check in a state office – an illegal act. It turns out that the photo was not taken in a state office as Simon had alleged, but was simply taken in the home of the man making the donation.

Oh my god. What an idiot. I mean, you’d think the guy would have had the story checked out before going public with a slanderous statement like that. This is like a bad sitcom.

When asked how he was sure the picture depicted a capitol office, he replied: “I’m not the tribunal here. It’s not our job to verify this evidence.” OK, so I would say that it indeed is your freakin’ goddamn job to verify the evidence before making a complete public jackass of yourself, don’t you think?

I would say that this goes down in history as one of the stupidest political blunders of all time. If this guy wins more than 5% of the vote this November, I will be shocked and deeply concerned for humanity.

Bitch-slap you the face with the Nobel Prize

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in what is widely seen internationally as a slap in the face to the current administration’s warmongering Iraq policy. I say “widely seen internationally” because it seems that there is a big difference this morning between the way some of the conservative media in the U.S. are reporting this, and the way papers in other countries are reporting this. What’s up with that?

Quotes coming out of the Nobel Prize committee include:

“In a situation currently marked by threats of the use of power, Carter has stood by the principles that conflicts must as far as possible be resolved through mediation and international cooperation based on international law, respect for human rights, and economic development.”


“It should be interpreted as a criticism of the line that the current administration has taken. It’s a kick in the leg to all that follow the same line as the United States.”

Man – that’s a slap in the face to both George Bush and Tony Blair.

It seems to me that this current course of action is driven by a large amount of arrogance, coupled with a bit of personal vendetta. Has George Bush explored every diplomatic option thoroughly yet? Has this man, as the President of the United States, taken the due time and effort to prevent war? This is human life we’re talking about. American life. Iraqi life. French, British, Israeli, Palestinian, you-name-it life. People who are parents, who are children. Why is this man so quick to go to war with these people? Why is he ignoring the economy? Why has he not captured bin Laden and al-Zawahiri? Why do terrorist attacks still approach us from Yemen, from Saudi Arabia, from Pakistan, and from Afghanistan? Hello?

I really don’t care so much what kind of weapons Iraq might be harboring. What I do care about is if they use them. If they do instigate an attack on us or anyone, then at that point I say go ahead and blow away Saddam into the stone ages. But until that point, we have no business here. Sorry, it would be nice if there was a way to be proactive about this and still come out ahead. But if we initiate a war with Iraq, then we suddenly will become the bad guy to the rest of the world.