Scovill Units

The chilli at The Prince of Wales Pub in San Mateo. The chilli at The Prince of Wales Pub. The chilli…

Is delicious. The first bite is not hot, but it creeps up on you – but not too much. By the end of my bowl, I was in a mild sweat. There was a guy in there with a 10 gallon hat – definitley an out-of-towner – but he looked like he knew what he was up to with that bowl of chilli. He was all dour and serious when he saddled up to that bowl of red. All business like. (I wonder if this is how he screws his sheep?) These guys make a real classic: no beans, flavored just right, using chunks of steak, chili, and maybe a little oninon. Mmmmmm-Mmm!

The Bike

I have a new set of tires on my bike, some new bar ends, and cleaned off all the dirt and crap that has been collecting on the chain and wheels over the past year. Gave it a general tune up and still have some work to do on the top chainwheel alignment, but it’s riding pretty sweet now. Plan for this weekend is to find some good trails…

Nice Rack!

Now this is what I’ve been wating for – a rackmountable Mac OS X server:

While the spec is truly awesome, the key feature for me is to be able to build and deploy my web work as usual on the PowerBook and have it developed and deployed on the same OS, rather than porting it up to Linux or FreeBSD as I currently do. While Apple is clearly targeting this hardware at their core markets, video, graphics, education, and scientific, it does really appeal to me: the Mac-wielding webmaster with a budget. I’m seriously evaluating this as a viable option to my current Linux hosting situation.

More info in this C|Net article.

Long overdue…

Here is perhaps the longest-overdue headline I’ve ever seen: Taiwanese say it’s time to scrap island’s official name ‘Republic of China’ and replace it with ‘Taiwan’. This link is to Yahoo, but I’ve seen versions of it in the New York Times and the Washington Post.

All I can say is, “it’s about fuckin’ time!” Check the article out. Thousands of people marched in Taipei to demand international recognition and an end to the charade that has been perpetuated for the past 50+ years. For those of you that don’t know what this is all about, check out New Taiwan, Ihla Formosa right now.