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Using Sublime Text with LilyPond on Mac OS X

Way back in 2009 I wrote up some instructions on how to use LilyPond with jEdit on Mac OS X. I never much attached myself to jEdit, but it was serviceable for LilyPond at least. Today however I use Sublime Text for just about all my coding, and it makes a perfectly fine replacement for the LilyPond app’s built-in editor, with a bit of configuration. Here’s how I have mine set up:

  1. Install SubLilyPond into Sublime Text via Package Control

  2. Add a build system to Sublime Text (Tools → Build System → New Build System…) based on these nice instructions. Specifically, I named my file lilypond.sublime-build and it had this code in it, which specifies the exact path to the Mac LilyPond binary in my Applications directory:

Now .ly files will get syntax highlighting in Sublime Text, and the F7 or ⌘+B keystroke will build my PDF file. I then keep the working PDF loaded in Google Chrome (which has a built-in PDF viewer), and just hit refresh on that window every time I want to view the results of the build.

Everybody happy. Now you happy.

I saw those words scrawled on a wall somewhere, years ago, back in high school: “Everybody happy. Now you happy.” Always kind of liked that phrase. You have to say it with a nondescript accent; a kind of deep voice too.

Anyway, just came here to say Pharrell Williams has become an ambassador for world peace. That is all:

This one is definitely my favorite:

I like to see happy people. There, now you happy too.

John Heiss on the Rite of Spring

One of my favorite people from the NEC faculty, here is John Heiss talking about the Rite of Spring. I played in his Contemporary Ensemble and took a few other classes with him. I learned the word “apotheosis” in his class; a word I still use today in a sparing but hopefully appropriate way. His descriptions are so thoughtful and insightful, and you’ll get a flavor of that here:

Boston Requiem

Over on @necmusic‘s Twitter feed I discovered there was a recording of the Verdi Requiem that I performed on from way back in 1992. I remember this performance well. I remember the rehearsals, the chorus, wanting to play the bass drum on the Kyrie – just once.

In agreement with the Conservatory’s tweet, I feel this music is apropos of yesterday’s tragic Patriot Day bombing:

What just happened in Boston is heartbreaking to me. Boston is like a second home. I walked down Boylston Street almost every day, right past where it happened. I lived just a few blocks from there, and remember just about every building and landmark I see in those horrific pictures coming across the news. I miss that place and wish I could be there during this time.

To me this piece is not just a requiem, but evocative of a particular place in time. A nostalgia. And yet today, it is ever so more a requiem mass. I hear this today in sadness. My thoughts are in Boston.

Yo-Yo Ma’s outstanding lecture – must see

Really worth watching. Key points on where creativity is critical in the 21st century. The guy doing announcements at the beginning is a bit long-winded so skip ahead until Yo-Yo Ma gets introduced. Don’t miss this.

Drawing on his training as a musician and what he has learned traveling the world for more than 30 years as a touring performer, Yo-Yo Ma will discuss where in nature, society, and human interactions we can find the greatest creativity, and what we can all do to help students grow up to be contributing and committed citizens.