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Getting my old graphics tablet running on Mac OS X 10.2

Deep in the darkest depths of my closet last week I found my old Wacom Intuos graphics tablet and, in a completely separate location, the pen that goes with it. A little Windex, scrape off the coffee stains and leftover crumbs, and it looked as good as new.

I used to never let this pen out of my hand Ω I had been using it over the hockey-puck style mouse that shipped with my first PowerMac G4. In fact, I remember using a rubber band to tie it to my wrist so I wouldnΩt lose it. But since switching to Mac OS X, a PowerBook G4, and going dual monitor, I had let the tablet slip away and back into the closet to collect dust.

Upon plugging it in, I noticed that Mac OS X instantaneously recognized the new device as a graphics tablet, since a new icon called Inkwell suddenly appeared in my System Preferences pas I had my son Max sitting in my lap and only had one hand since I had to use the other to keep him from jumping on my keyboard and writing something of his own composition

Yet more Windows security patches

MS score card: four patches, 20 vulns, heaps of trouble

Spring is a time for growth. And Microsoft has taken this maxim to heart by releasing an unprecedented number of security fixes on the same day. Yesterday it released four security patches to protect Windows users against 20 security vulnerabilities. Eight vulns are critical.

And looking at the details of the reports, some of those vulnerabilities are indeed quite serious – lots of remote code execution opportunities. SmokeUpdate ’em if you got ’em…