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“It’s like being Slashdotted for bassists

Bob Gollihur has an amazing collection of links to bass-related websites. This is like the de-facto standard of contrabass directories. He has actually split the listings into two lists – one for general bass stuff, and one specifically for luthiers. A great resource for anyone looking for information relating to the double bass, and the luthier portion of the listing is especially useful for those trying to find someone in your neck of the woods to shine up that old bass.

More storage

As my computer’s internal 20 GB hard drive dwindles to around just 600 MB of free space, my new 40 GB 5400 RPM IBM Travelstar drive should arrive any day now. I am especially interested to monitor how the increased RPM and other advanced drive features will affect my overall performance on my aging PowerBook G4 500. Also got a few Firewire enclosures, one for the old internal 20 GB drive and two for these 3.5″ IDE drives that I have had lying around for way to long just collecting dust. Ordered it all from Other World Computing. Finally, I will stop having to squeeze space out of my drive every couple of days. All in all I should wind up with about 110 GB of drive space. That should last me a few months…

New Shelving

I completed my home improvement project this evening of installing shelving in my office. This included one ceiling-high bookcase just to the left of my desk, and some built-in shelves right above my computer. This frees up so much space, since the two desks in the office were clogged with just about everything that should have been in the shelves; books, CDs, cables, computer devices, and so on. Now most of my peripherals sit on the shelf just above my computer, with the cables dangling down and a spot light conveniently installed underneath to provide just the right lighting. My wireless TurboMouse now actually looks wireless, and not surrounded by hordes of cables. My office looks totally cool now. The bookcase now holds all my geek books, and I installed a cool little spot light at the top to illuminate the whole thing and provide some sunshine in an otherwise dark corner. There seemed to be several orphaned transformers still plugged in to my two power strips, so I purged them and freed up some valuable power space. The Office Phase of my Six Step Master Plan for Home Improvement is now complete. OK, I don’t really have a master plan – more like a foggy idea, but hey; at least the office is done!

In the process, I plugged several holes in the drywall and did some touch-up painting. Thankfully the previous owner left clearly-labeled paint cans in the garage, all with Home Depot color formulas still indicated, so it was easy to match the colors and start painting. I also painted over Max’s “artwork”, where he had taken my set of colored pencils and scribbled all over my walls from the Master Bath all the way to the Living Room. It’s amazing – it looks like a new house. Max hadn’t drawn on the walls in weeks, so I thought it was over with, but apparently when I came home today he had done some fresh artwork on the front door today…