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I finally broke down and taught myself some AppleScript today. The motivation was that Adobe neglected to include a way to save your panel layouts, and I, being a PowerBook G4 user, often switch between a dual monitor config at work, a dual monitor config at home, and remote “laptop style” (I know what you’re thinking and you should be ashamed!) *grin*

So what I discovered is, once you get used to it’s literal nature, syntax, and way of doing things, it is actually quite easy to write fairly useful scripts.

After reading a few semi-useful tutorial/primer pages from Apple and O’Reilly, I opened up the Script Editor, a few sample scripts, and started hacking away. Eventually I got it so that I could back up my preferences file for whatever local configuration I was at, restore them based on what location I was in (and lauch Illustrator after restoring), and initialize the preferences file for use with going through the tutorials in the Adobe Illustrator 10 Classroom in a Book.

Well take my skates off and call me shorty! It works! After adding the AppleScript Menu to my toolbar and creating a Illustrator directory in my Example Scripts file, I have solved my location problem with Illustrator. Now to create sets for InDesign…

If anybody wants these scripts, contact me. If there’s enough demand, I’ll post them with some instructions on how to install.

Nice Rack!

Now this is what I’ve been wating for – a rackmountable Mac OS X server:

While the spec is truly awesome, the key feature for me is to be able to build and deploy my web work as usual on the PowerBook and have it developed and deployed on the same OS, rather than porting it up to Linux or FreeBSD as I currently do. While Apple is clearly targeting this hardware at their core markets, video, graphics, education, and scientific, it does really appeal to me: the Mac-wielding webmaster with a budget. I’m seriously evaluating this as a viable option to my current Linux hosting situation.

More info in this C|Net article.