Something I don’t quite understand

So, Iraq is alleged to have nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons, but no such weapons have been found by the U.N. weapons inspectors currently working in Iraq. Bush wants to invade Iraq ASAP, and to hell with world opinion, our allies, and the U.N. North Korea has kicked out all of the nuclear weapons inspectors from their country and is actively moving fuel rods out of storage and to a reactor, and is threatening to build nuclear weapons for use against South Korea, the U.S., and Japan. Bush is downplaying North Korea’s standoff and says he is seeking a diplomatic solution. This is second page news compared to the Iraq situation. So the thing I don’t understand is: Has this screwed-up set of priorities arisen out of pure greed, or pure stupidity? Perhaps both? Yes, Saddam Hussein is an asshole. But he is not stupid enough to launch an attack against the United States. He knows that any American response to an attack would be overwhelming. There is weak justification for war here, where containment would do just fine. However, North Korea is being run by a bona-fide psycho, Kim Jong Il, and I wouldn’t put it past him to launch missle attacks on South Korea, Japan, and any U.S. territories within reach. Kim Jong Il lives in a fantasy world. I think that our national efforts should be on disarming this freak instead.