If you are fed up with Microsoft security problems…

If you are fed up with security problems with Microsoft, you should seriously consider using a Mac. As a former webmaster for Xcert, RSA Security, and Certicom, I find overall security experience on Mac OS X to be far superior to my experience on Windows. Mac OS X security is built on OpenBSD, which is one of the most secure operating systems out there; and having that as the foundation goes a long way towards ensuring that I am running a secure computing environment. But don’t take my word for it…

Internet security icon Bruce Schneier in this article says he is considering switching to the Macintosh platform just on the basis that Macs are so much more secure than Windows computers:

In the meantime, Schneier said he was thinking of switching from Windows to the Macintosh platform because of all the security issues. “My wife has a Mac and she doesn’t worry about viruses, trojans, leaks…, ” he said.

A Consumer Reports survey last year found that virus infection rates on Macs are half what they are on Windows, noted Smith. “Is that because Macs are safer? I think the answer is yeah.”

I have trouble believing that Macs were half the infection rate of Windows. I think it is more like one tenth. I haven’t seen a Mac virus since working at the NEC computer lab back in 1995.

Also, Kevin Mitnick recently mentioned on his return to the Internet that he was interested in getting a Mac. I believe he was given a PowerBook by Steve Wozniak soon thereafter. For those of you who don’t know Kevin, he did some excessively hard time for breaking in to some corporate networks, and he now works an information technology security consultant.

I just get sick of hearing day after day in the news about how much Microsoft Windows is a complete failure when it comes to security, and yet somehow they are still 90% of the operating system market. Outlook viruses… SQL worms… network security holes… There is a better way. You have choices.