I was deeply saddened this morning to learn about the Space Shuttle Columbia loss and the loss of it’s seven crew members. I have always been fascinated by space exploration since I was a kid. I can remember watching the first shuttle liftoff. I can remember watching the Challenger disaster, like it was yesterday. I used to watch for shuttle and satelite orbits with my telescope and sky binoculars in the evenings, in-between spotting planets and Messier Objects, and even began my college career intending to major in astronomy before switching to music. To this day I frequent the NASA website and several other websites based on astronomy and physics. So what happened this morning to Columbia was for me very troubling. I do hope that NASA looks forward from this tragedy to the next milestones, the next advances, and the next generation of space exploration. We have a lot to be proud of so far, and there is a big universe out there waiting to be discovered.