Zadin is a cute little Vietnamese restaurant in San Francisco, and dining at here has been my favorite gluten-free dining experience to date. Almost everything on the menu is either gluten-free or can be modified, and they state so clearly on the menu. GF Redbridge beer is on the list too, so obviously these guys have gone way out of their way to accommodate celiacs.

We started with the greens salad and the salt/pepper calamari. The greens salad had these roasted walnuts which were sweet and crunchy – very tasty. The calamari was awesome, with a lemon-y dipping sauce.

Next we ordered some pho. The pho wasn’t bad – quite tasty in fact. Only complaint was the beef slices were not all that plentiful.

We finished off with the shaken beef – this was an outsanding dish with very tender beef slices paired with fried yams. Crazy good stuff.

When we got there around 7 PM on a Saturday evening, I was surprised to find it nearly empty. But the place filled up in no time and the clientelle seemed to be enjoying themselves muchly.

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